I love how corporate whores simply refuse to answer questions. That second question could have been more simply answered by Amazon as FUCK YOU!!!
He was aked why they chose a proprietary technology and he gave an explanation for why they did. It may be bullshit, it may not be an answer you like, but he still answered the question.
Right, OuterCow. He answered the question. And it is a bullshit answer. I own a Kindle, and I love the device. But if I had it to do over again, I'd buy an e-Reader that supports open standards, even at the cost of marginally slower page-turns.

The tacit suggestion that the adoption of the EPUB standard would have complicated the implementation of software for various platforms is risible.
What a dumb fucking question. For starters, the Nook wasn't released until 2 years after the Kindle, the iPad and Android Tablets weren't released until a year after that. While the iPhone was released several months before Kindle, nobody with an IQ higher than their chronological age would read a book on a phone, and do you really think Jobs would have licensed it to Amazon? I don't think I need to explain why Amazon would choose not to use some crippled windows platform.
Why did you choose a proprietary technology?

Way to sneak in the year's stupidest question, Alex Pham.

Portals are dead.

Yahoo, MS, even Google go down.
His answer sounds stock, and Kindle technology is exactly as proprietary as you'd expect it to be. What was anyone expecting? For Bezos to rip off his rubber mask and say "darn meddling interviewer! I wanted to make all the money that I could I my little toy, and you had to ruin it with all your questions! Meh!"

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