A Terrible Idea for a Bookmark


Useful as a screen door on a submarine.
My ebook reader knows exactly where I left off any book that I was reading. No worries about damaging spines or setting the house on fire or anything silly like that.
It's a fire risk if you're still a Neanderthal using incandescent bulbs.
What's an incandescent lightbulb?

Is that one of those things those guys wearing bedshirts and nightcaps carry around with them in old HDTV movies?
With this invention, Ray Bradbury's vision is finally realized.
Stop fetishizing the physical manifestation of data. It's the bits that are important, not the atoms they're encoded on.

Also, cause the print to fade? Now you're just looking for a reason to be pissy. Do you routinely use high-UV bulbs in your nightlight?
@6 not everything is binary - I encode mine on waves.
I love that classic Penguin cover design -- by Jan Tschichold, I think. Beautiful.
First, it's obviously LED, which is not a fire risk. And also not a UV light, which means it's not going to fade the print in less than a 200 years. It's why you have to go out of your way to find special lights if you want an indoor tan.

Here is evidence you're wrong about giant books.

The general science, physics and mechanics province, and neighboring regions, are not your forte, Mr. Constant. Although you're right that your typical collector types who fetishize consumer products would never treat a book like that, though I doubt those guys even take the Mylar off long enough to read them anyway.
Sounds like someone needed something to complain about today.
I don't know . . . if I got that I wouldn't be using it as a bookmark. I would buy the thing, then buy the perfect book for it (if the book in the image didn't come with it) and then I would use it as an adorable, clever lamp. That's it.

I think if that's all it is meant to be it works.
Umm...not to mention you probably need the light mostly while reading so it would usually be turned off once you put the book (roof) down.
I would like to propose "Sounds like someone needed something to complain about today" as the official Slog Commenters' Motto.

Either that or "Now you're just looking for a reason to be pissy."
i think it seems to be modern, safe with LED's and a really creative gizmo!
@12 Exactly! It's a silly idea but not for any of the reasons Paul gives.
Fox in Socks throwing heavy shade over here.
Won't overheat if you are using CF style lightbulbs (you know, those curly ones). You're not still using the old fashioned light bulbs that waste most of the power they consume as heat, are you? That's so 19th century.
it's obvious that this is designed for people who only read one book at a time.
Suggestion: completely eliminate the fire risk by immersing the apparatus in your bathtub.
@13 Seconded.