Scenes from the Beautiful Struggle


I like the shape of the "5".
4chan gets DDoS'd on a regular basis, and that's during quiet periods of normal operation. Connecting it to the recent Wikileaks op is pretty shoddy journalism unless there's some specific reason to suspect a connection.
Of course 4chan most likely knows who hit them, just like they probably knew when the attack would occur. It's all in the family, if you know what I mean.
@3 agreed. unless the NSA has stepped up their game, which is doubtful...
2 and 3 are right.
the people that left 4chan once the `cancer` started to spread after the first time Anonymous was dragged all over the real world are the ones that put these things together not 4chan itself.

/b/ is really a place where 14yr old girls hang out and wait for DDoS scraps from Anonymous.

The IRC is where it is at, planning is done no where near the *chan boards anymore.
I was there the night before last when 4chan went down.
What digitaltrends doesn't mention is that shortly before, /b/'s title banner had been changed to "MOOT IS OLEV OLEV IS MOOT" repeated several times, and /b/ had been changed to an eye-searing yellow/red/cyan color scheme and set to play "Cotton-Eyed Joe" continuously.
No, this shit has nothing to do with Wikileaks; Mootles is just being facetious.
Lol, 4Chan getting DDOSed isn't news, and of course they have enemies, now they just have to stay 2 steps ahead of them. If you actually think this is the main hangout for "Anonymous" that's good, you should think that. I mean, ya, this totally disrupts them completely, there's no more "Anonymous" anymore, yep, DDOS means they can't talk anymore. *tard*