Playing Bill Clinton


Meh. I'm still waiting.

Travolta and Davis are close, but not quite there.
don't you think that it's too early for a trilogy to be made about hillary? i feel like her story isn't over enough yet. or maybe i'm just crazy and secretary of state is her last gig
good point, Cook.
Is it just me, or is The Special Relationship a really shitty title for this project?
i totally agree about Bill Clinton sparkly sexual swagger ... Quaid lacks that sparkle, and somehow despite the many times he has played sexy, he just doesn’t seem to have that here. John Travolta totally has it in "Primary Colors" but then again he just sort of has it and maybe that’s the difference. I mean Travolta was sexy in that stupid movie “Michael" where he played an angel
My recommended casting for Bill Clinton: David Morse. He has the acting chops, the voice, the gravitas, and (with a good wig) the look of the Man from Hope.…
Have you ever actually met Bill Clinton, or seen him in person?
I agree with the David Morse casting. I am right now watching the Langoliers, for the 10th time and I see, "Bill Clinton". The face, the voice, the build, everything. I have seen side to side pictures and it would be PERFECT casting. Do not see why it has not been done. Quaid was all wrong. Morse sounds so much like Bill Clinton, even walks like him. Ever since I thought of this, a few years ago, every time I see this actor that is all I can think of and lots of other people agree.