Park Talk Will Be Super Interesting in 2011, I Swear


There is a ton of exciting things that could be going on in Parks. Given that, it's surprising the mayor seems content to leave it under "acting" leadership. The city and the Parks Department deserve to have a superintendent nominated by the mayor and confirmed by the council. It's been over half a year under interim leadership and for a mayor who ran on (partially) parks leadership, it's more than strange that he's let the department wallow in uncertainty .
shear. garden shear. thank you.
@1 No it is not. The mayor is an impostor that the Stranger help deliver to the people. Why aren't hipsters holding the Stranger responsible for getting this moron elected? Mayor McMoron is solely focused on getting rid of the tunnel, which he swore he wouldn't do...

Ohh yeah.... that's right. He swore he'd work on parks too...

We've all seen how that has worked out now haven't we?
Cutting 10 mil from the budget, including laying off, downgrading or decreasing the hours of 200 staff, altering programs and work plans en masse, that is a wee bit of change and does not involve wallowing. The acting sup is holding the reins and providing a crumb of stability in a sea of change. Chill...