What's Ahead in 2011


The council race will be interesting.

Burgess is easy, just line up social justice advocates to point out the end results of his aggressive panhandling bill, his overly ambitious attempts at snatching power and his anti-gay church that he's so proud of. Anyone with political capital in this city would be stupid to not run against him and make him a one-termer.
As for my prediction, I predict 1053 will be a convenient excuse for doing absolutely nothing in 2011 and 2012. Any time a legislator or the governor is asked about things like health care for children and such, "1053". Transportation? "1053". Adding tater tots to the cafeteria? "1053".
If they're absolved of wrongdoing like the vast majority of misconduct cases, Seattle could rightfully riot.

Yes, add more violence and throw in some anarchy to spice things up. Way to go Dom!
Dominic should post his 2010 predictions.
This is relevant to my interests. <3

Re: the Seattle Police. Can we get an outside accountability review board already? Is there anyone who is sensible and savvy willing to take on the inevitable resistance of the Seattle Police Guild?
@4: Yes, because you're the expert on predictions and projections :)
Isn't inslee running for governor? I feel like he has a much better chance than constantine
Seattle won't riot if the cops get off - unless they do something else stupid in the next few months, which is possible. It's already fallen off most people's radars.

I think the budget will be a far more contentious and important debate next year.
@1 Baconcat -- What anti-gay church is Burgess on the record defending? I know his company did mailers from those crazy anti-abortion extremists, wasn't it? What is this one about?
@6, because the reliability of Dominic's predictions could be shown to be something other than planned biased themes he plans to write about in 2011 by showing his 2010 predictions and what actually happened.

I'm not an expert.
Here are my 2010 predictions.
Are u talking about that piece of Mexican shot who was at the scene when his buddies used a machete to rob people but police did not have enough evidence to arrest him but arrested his two amigos?
@8 "Seattle won't riot if the cops get off"

speak for yourself asshole. I mean it.
"I mean it."

What's the sound of one man rioting?
"The monorail with be a complete success while Link light rail will be a total failure."

I think that was The Stranger's prognostication for the first five years of this century.