The Fun Forest: In Memoriam


Fantastic. Someone told me the hotel her mom refers to where she saw Elvis every day would have been what is now the Josephinium at Second and Stewart - I understand it used to be the New Washington and had quite the top floor suite.
Memoriam, please, Mr. Schmader.
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Hi Kerri!
It was never the same after they tore out the Mighty Mouse.
I will never forget the wonderful times I had on the roller coaster, aka the Scoliosifier.
Flight to Mars was awesome. I also worked as a crossing guard for two years at my elementary school for the end-of-the-year reward trip to Fun Forest.
I loved Flight To Mars!!!! And the old miniature golf course, with the pink elephant hole, and the Coliseum hole. I loved the whole Fun Forest.

But I'm sure the tacky glass gift shoppe will be a resounding success. Just think of all the tourists who will simply FLOCK to it...
Turns out the roller-coaster was actually called the Wild Mouse (or Mad Mouse, or Mite Mouse).

It was notable mainly for the jolting turn-on-a-dime motion of its rickity cars.

Here's some great links:
Flight to Mars was one of my faves.

As was the old mini golf course.
Paulus, those Wild Mouse links are great - you can see how tiny the cars were, which made it especially thrilling for a kid.
I was a crossing guard in elementary school and the big pay-off was a trip to the Fun Forrest at the end of the year.

So many memories. The best ones are probably riding flight to mars over and over and over when I was 10 and getting paid to ride the rocking sea-ship ride for 5 hours straight as an extra in the Jared Leto / Jake Gyllenhaal snoozer film "Highway" in 2001.