It's Official-ish


I'll take you all on with cobbler.
As far as I'm concerned, it all comes down to the fact that it's damn hard to balance five or six inches of meringue on a eensy little cupcake. Mmmm, meringue ...
Isn't there enough love in the world for both cake and pie?
Adam Carolla has been saying this for years.
Is a cheese cake a cake or a pie?
I've been making homemade pies (with interlaced latticework on the fruit pies because I'm a big ol' homo) for years. So I'm NOT a dessert geek; I'm just ahead of the curve!
i feel like a pie takes more pastry-talent than cupcakes, HOWEVER, making PRETTY cupcakes is much more difficult than making a good looking pie.

that said, i'd rather have pie.

@5 cheesecake is definitely pie, whatever it's name says.

Nothing beats a freshly baked cake, still warm from the oven. Still, I think I'll eat some cake AND pie and consider this deep question.
Fuckit. It's all about kringle. Unfortunately, I have to get them shipped in from Racine Wisconsin.
the cake is a lie.

and the cake is nothing more than a buttercream frosting delivery mechanism. which is why cake is better than cupcakes: more frosting.

pie trumps all, of course. esp the peaches and cream pie from Seattle Pie COmpany up here in Magnolia.
Where are Megan(she of the creative cupcake concoctions) and Dan (connoisseur of wonderfulness that only stale cake can yield) to defend the cupcake and the cake, respectively?

Oh Bethany, do you really want to restart this confilict on Slog?

Can't we all just agree with Urgutha Forka @3 that there is enough love for both.
I think there is enough love for both.

Pies do have an advantage over cakes. Pies don't have to be dessert, they can be savory. They can be perfect fast food, if one thinks ahead, called by many names: hand pies, pocket pie, turnover, or pasty, etc. and they are delicious things, a great way to use one's leftovers. Plus, they are great with a pint, too.
Pies are better, period. But I rarely turn down cake when offered.
Three words. Seattle. Pie. Company. In Magnolia but also Met Market and the Town & Country stores. Lovely people that make the best pies ever. Perfection in their crust. Go right now and get the deserted island pie while I mop the saliva off my keyboard.
@13 I will vote for savoury pie and sweet cake: The best of both worlds (a Cornish pasty and a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing...mmm)
The cupcake's popularity is a by-product of the reverts who emerged as such a component of pop culture over the last 10+ years.

Cupcakes are twee and cute and precious and childish. Pie is none of those things. It is also 1,000 times better than cupcakes. A self respecting adult needn't feel the shame of novelty in enjoying pie either.

@7- "...making PRETTY cupcakes is much more difficult than making a good looking pie."

Nonsense. Painting with frosting is much easier than getting the crust on your pie to turn out perfectly.

I've always thought pie was better than cake, but I do love them both.
There are more ways to fetishize pie.
I'd rather have a good cinnamon roll.
@18 i guess it's just different skill sets. lattice work, pastry cutting and pie-toppers are not difficult to me, but creating something beautiful with frosting is.
Oh no! Who's going to break the news to Megan?

They're available in Seattle too, you know:
I make a mean apple pie.
Snohomish has you fuckers beat!! We've had pies for over a decade cocksuckers!
The PNW should be pie central. Tree fruits & berries! We gots all them shits, bitchez!
i make delicious cornish meat pies 'round xmess. have you ever hear of a meat CAKE? heaven forbid. PIE! so superior, in every way.