Versailles to Become A Luxury Hotel


Not all of Versailles, I was happy to read. That would have been astonishing. This is a dilapidated building off to the side. Hell, I'd stay there given sufficient cheddar.
europe the museum, europe the hotel.
The uber-rich are literally reclaiming what they lost over the last three centuries. How long until the Louvre becomes an exclusive day spa and the Bastille is rebuilt to house rabble-rousing serfs?
Sadly, it reminds me of the April Fool's Day prank where Taco Bell announced it had purchased the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and were renaming it the "Taco Liberty Bell".

I guess everything really is for sale now?

How soon until the surface of the moon is used to advertise Pizza Hut?
@4 actually i think that's a good idea and republicans might want to consider selling naming rights as a way to pay off our foreign wars-er national debt.
Ugh, this reminds me of the Chanel advertisement on Musee d'Orsay -…
Will there be a piss boy?
Very cool. I know I won't be able to afford to sleep there but I have already toured the Palace and it's grounds in 2006.
let them eat gateau.