You Know What This Winter's Been Missing?


You've been much too tolerant of these
''Who-venile'' delinquents...

and their innocent,
victimless pranks.
Oh, stop whining.
i just ate a pound of beef jerky.
also, i made the internet mad:…
Oh yeah? Well, when the terrorists send their air force to bomb you, you'll be sorry you didn't support Maverick and Goose.
I can't wait for them to start shooting!
I hope they buzz Capitol Hill.

Maybe next time you'll take your dog for a walk more often.
Way to disrespect our openly gay troops, Dan.
LOL Urgutha, "Talk to me, Goose."
"It's like the ear-rape equivalent of Christmas in July!"

I would think you wouldn’t through the word rape around in such a casual manner seeing how you chose to read rape statistics over the rape scene in your DVD commentary of “Showgirls." Poor choice of words, terribly poor.
Are they bringing any of their special videos to show the kids?
Rape = the forcing of something unwanted into an orifice

Ears = an orifice

Therefore Blue Angels = Ear Rape

Unless you "asked for it". I know I didn't.
Die-Hard conservatives love [jerking off to] that movie!
Since it's going to be dumping rain most of tomorrow, I doubt you'll see an F-18 zipping between the office towers or buzzing Capitol Hill.
Laying the foundation?
"Well I think this summer we should fly real fast over the lake! and, like SUPER close to each other! Fwooosh! KABOOM! Yessir this is the year to really knock their socks off!"
OK, so the Angels might not be my bag, or yours, but I find the hipster whinging on the subject really annoying. Part of living in a city is occasionally being inconvenienced by other citizens' enthusiasms. Sometimes a big fabulous gay parade blocks traffic. Sometimes the field lights on the soccer field bother neighbors. Sometimes the noise of a club or bar annoys neighbors. Or a marathon or football game creates a traffic jam. I don't hear complaints of "ear rape", "traffic rape", "commute rape, "eyeball rape", about these other activities. The primary difference here is that the angels appeal mostly to blue-collar/red state types, and all my liberal/hipster brethren are not as tolerant of their enthusiasms as of "our" enthusiasms. Bottom line: we get our parades and night clubs, they get to watch jets tear around from time to time. Live with it whiners!
you are hands-down one of the biggest fucking pussies on the planet, Schmader
The noise pollution and money wasting of the Blue Angles is not a "hipster" issue. These noisy planes have been terrorizing the citizens of Seattle since before you knew that the word hipster existed. Of all of the ways that I have heard this term misused in the past years this has got to be the most moronic, incorrect and annoying.
Citizens over the age of four are not "terrorized" by jets. Grow up. Elementary school kids like the BAs. I'm not a huge fan of the cost of this military recruiting tool, but as a prop plane pilot, my main objection is that I can't get near such a cool toy. Also, I find more fun in uncoordinated flight, so I prefer the Red Baron Pizza Boeing Stearman team (are they still around?) since the Stearmans do such slow snap rolls that you can easily see the rotation around the axis.

If your pet soils itself, tough, that's not my problem. If you like rawk music, I'm sure it is (or was, before you got old) partially because it's such a god-awesome loud noise, which is certainly much of the appeal of the BAs.