Glenn Beckwatch: Glenn Beck Recommits to Being Glenn Beck


I don't think Glen's side did so well in that whole 'Alamo' thing.
Wasn't the Battle of the Alamo fought to defend the Texans' right to own slaves after Mexico abolished slavery? Just sayin', is all....
Do we return to the ideas of the past or do we continue West to the yet unrealized and unfulfilled promises laid out in our Founding ideals?
He wants to invade China?
No, Urgutha, I think he means the Left Coast.
@ 1 The Texans lost at the Alamo but the battle served as a galvanizing point in their quest for independance and lead to their victory several months later at the Battle of Sab Jacinto.

The only reason the Battle of the Alamo is included in US History is that we made the mistake of accepting Texas into the Union several years after they won independance from Mexico. If we hadn't they would likely be England's problem.
Gotta love the total distortion's of the left's view on American history. Yup, most the hardcore progressives I know just fucking hate The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the fact that we expanded the vote to blacks and women, & helping to stop Hitler. Yup, nothing worthwhile in all of American history. Now if ya'll will excuse me, I have to go spit in a veteran's face and burn a flag.
We must not look backward in our quest to return this nation's values to those cherished by the Founding Fathers more than 200 years ago.
Oh, hey! look over at Redstate they have instructions on how to become a republican precinct captain. Interesting
Oh Glenn, don't ever change: you're perfect the way you are.

Your fans, though (as the man said of Rome) could do with a working sense of smell.
I wouldnt say that his Soros war was unsuccessful. Every single idiot I know in NYC hates Soros now. He is like a terrorist to these people.
Remember the Alamo? That was where Texans made their stand against a Mexican Gummint that was tyrannically trying to deny (some) Texans' right to keep and drive slaves.

(Yes, Mexico City was tyrannical in other ways, too, but slavery and the drive to prevent illegal immigration from the U.S. prompted the 'need' for independence.)