The Leaders of Sad Pakistan Can Learn Something From Robert Mugabe's Wife


Even blacks know deep down that blacks are lousy at almost everything, and they also know that nobody on earth hates blacks more than other blacks do.
That's the second rule of being a dictator: Your own security guards (and your own military) are the last people you should trust.

The first rule? Know when it's time to get the fuck outta there.
Good Morning Charles,
Sigh, that is some disturbing stuff coming out of both Pakistan & Zimbabwe. The Mugabes are officially paranoid. Amazing that Mugabe is still in power at 86 y/o! What a catastophe he has been for that country.

As for the bodyguards hired by the Mugabes, their (the Mugabes) reasoning echoes in a bizarre sense something Samuel Johnson, one of the more extraordinary English writers of the 17th century said (paraphrased) "the reason we trust the stranger is because he has never deceived us".
The country's populace is increasingly angry. It would come as no surprise that the Mugabes' personal Zimbabwean security contingent is as well. Recall that President Anwar Sadat was assassinated by his own Presidential guard in 81'. Robert & Grace Mugabe know that.
I think the takeaway here is don't hire religious fundamentalists. They can be pushed to murder you for the silliest of things.
The Roman Emperors knew that two thousand years ago.
Given China's huge economic interest in Zimbabwe's natural resources, perhaps a different set of foreign bodyguards might be more prudent.
Gurkhas seem like a better choice.
The crucial difference being that that Pakistani guy was actually trying to serve his own people, and so being surrounded by a pack of heavily armed foreigners all the time would look really bad. The Mugabes might as well wear baby-skull necklaces.
Anyone else confused by the capitalization of "First Child"? Is that the kid's name? Or was this written by a native German speaker?
Zimbabwe is being essentially colonized by China these days. Sure, you won't see actual farmers who want to work the land there...but it's an economic colonisation just the same.