Any Idiot Can Write


oh, yes. the famous and unstaunchable "unconditional love" of republicans. hey! we're soaking in it!
And yet, her book is an artistic masterpiece compared to The Situation's, which I was unfortunate enough to browse through yesterday.

The passage you quote isn't terrible; it's just plain. Plain is not always a bad thing. The Didion bit is frankly overwrought and hysterical; I can also think of any number of ways in which it can be untrue.
So that's why George Bush crashed the economy and screwed the middle class and poor, murdered a million people, and displaced nearly ten million more. I'm sure all those people had love, and that's all that matters!
Your headline should read "any idiot can ghost-write."
5 guys did let Matt Luby write a few articles.
At least she doesn't have anything about her nipples looking like the noses of small wild animals. At least, I hope she doesn't.