A Private E-Book Lending Library


If you can only lend once (in the lifetime of the purchased book), how can such a service be viable?
Perhaps the more important announcement is that OverDrive (the company that handles electronic media for many public libraries) has included eBooks in their media console applications that they distribute for use on iPhone and Android. Meaning you can check-out an eBook from a public library over-the-air without having to enter in to the mildewy building. The current implementation isn't ideal (it's inside OverDrive's application and not native to the device's eBook reader) but it's a great step towards making digital lending/borrowing viable on a large scale.
The publisher can opt out of this feature for any given book. Given that this site clearly violates the intent of the sharing feature, I bet more and more publishers will deny sharing of their books.
None of the (admittedly few) books I've bought from Kindle have loaning enabled yet, and I'm sure not going to pay $2 to "borrow" a book from someone (technically once borrowed the DRM can be ripped off like any other purchase, so it's really buying the book but the money doesn't go to the author in any way).

Better to steal your books honestly.
Hi, We're actually setting up something similar over at http://www.booklends.com .. We plan to support Kindle and nook, and will make it easy to see what other users have available for lending. We'll be sending out the beta invites in a week or so, but you can sign up on our site now to be notified when the service is ready!