Guess Who Might Be Running for President*


Aside from the appalling nature of the post's subject, doesn't "guess" ask a question? And if it's not a question, shouldn't it be "Look who's running for president"?
Please run, Michele. It'll be EPIC. LULZ.
Oh that would be great! I just moved into her district (not soon enough to vote against her, dammit). As a Minnesotan, my dream ticket would be Pawlenty and Bachmann. Knock both those twits off the national stage with one fell swoop.
I dream of that bug-eyed weirdo sparring with Obama in debates. It would be like watching a chicken get into an argument with a Terminator.
The real problem is that everyone would be calling her "President Batshit" and then little kids would get their mouths washed out for repeating it.
speaking of harmless gas.
@1 -

It's an imperative, just like "Look"

(e.g. "Guess who's coming to dinner," not "guess who's coming to dinner?" - that last one sounds funny when you say it out loud)
As hilarious as this would be, it'd be nice if the republicans ran a legitimate ticket, one that was at least marginally competent and wouldn't inadvertently destroy the country.
@9 "...and wouldn't inadvertently destroy the country."

Yes. I also long for the return of the purpose/evil driven destruction of our country by the Cheney Administration.
Won't this split the Real America vote?
The atmosphere is 3% CO2?! Jesus, we're all dead.

The blitherer pulled that number out of her ass. A very quick check of wikipedia shows CO2 listed at less than 0.4% of the atmosphere, and 1% the level at which people start falling asleep.

Bachmann: asses on both ends of her alimentary canal, and nothing but crap in between.
@13 Ooops. I dropped a decimal place, too. it's 388 ppm, which SHOULD be 0.0388%, or a bit less than 4/100 of one percent. So, basically Michelle was off by a factor of 100.

I apologize for being off by a factor of 10.
@13: Ironically, we just went over the composition of the atmosphere in my GEOS class. Dry air is 78.1% N2, 20.9% O2, and 0.9% Ar, give or take.
If the atmosphere was 3% CO2, the chemical gradient of CO2 across our lung membranes would no longer be sufficient to drive the diffusion of CO2 out of our bloodstream faster than it is produced, and we'd quickly go into anoxia (as the excess of CO2 brought the glycolysis reaction in our cells to equilibrium) and over time see a sharp drop in our blood pH, leading to a shutdown of the central nervous system due to acidosis. Yay orgo/biochem/geoscience!
Frankly, the best comeback to what she said is: "If carbon dioxide is harmless, why does our body go to so much trouble to get rid of it?"
Please run. Please, oh please, oh pleeeeeeeaze!!! Her and Palin both would be so much awesome. It would be the most hilarious primary in my lifetime (and I'm old).
@9 But who? Arkansas Jared from Subway? The Massachusetts Mormon? Captain Spraytan McCrybaby? The Turtle? Their best and only shot is the crazy hot chicks