Parking Rates Changes Coming in February


I recommend they jack them up anywhere that Tim Eyman likes to go.
Thank god. Maybe street parking will be available downtown.
maybe we can fewer 3 minute load/unload areas or commercial parking that goes unused 90% of the time.
fuck. you.
@3 we could also charge parking for handicapped spaces, with the first 30 minutes free (to allow for the extra added time needed to negotiate from point A to B if handicapped).
Actually #3 does have a point about the 3 minute zones that are never used and are often found multiple times on the same block. It's worth a look at least.
There also seems to be fewer parking spots now in a lot of neighborhoods. Kinda random how some spots aren't spots anymore.
They need to do a crackdown on handicapped permits. Such a permit allows the holder to park for free in any legal parking space for up to 4 hours, but to get one requires mere approval of a nurse practitioner. It's about as hard to get as a medical marijuana card.

Go to Chinatown - you'll see that a good half of the cars there have handicapped permits, and that the cars are driven by (apparently) able-bodied drivers.

I hear ya. I have a brother in law who has "Back Problems" who also has some kind of permanent handicap permit. Ive never seen him ache or wince in pain, never see him limp or struggle in his walk and he uses no cane. He's a classic tea bag republican. Also thinks any kind of Federal ADA compliance rules for blind or deaf are a waste of time, but for people with back pain, why he's just itching to sue someone who violates his rights.

My dad got a temporary permit that lasted 6 months, but he had freaking back surgery and physical therapy to resolve the non-stop pain he endured in each step, you know, the kind where a stranger asks you 'you ok sir?'.
@8, I believe the clinical term for your brother in law's condition is called "being an ass."
One of the justifications for the parking sticker machines was the ability to pay once, and then move your vehicle if you needed to get somewhere else but you still had time on your sticker. Looks like that will be much harder with smaller zones.
no way around it - $8 for 2 hours is going to SUCK.
Interesting how many commenters seem to have the time to hang around parking spots and figure out who's handicapped and who isn't. It's also admirable that they can divine which are heart patients who can't walk 6 blocks and which are malingerers who somehow bribed nurse practitioners to give them permanent permits.
I figure if they have GWB stickers on their Monster Truck they're malingerers.