Lunchtime Quickie: Update: The Man With The Golden Voice


Very touching story, nice to see something positive on the internet once in a while, even for a grouchy jaded person like me.
yay internet!
something in my eye
I miss all that hair, though.
This is awesome, but I hope he has some kind of support system or case management going for him. Chances are the reasons he was homeless are a little more complex than "couldn't get a radio job", and most of those reasons are still there. I wish him all the best in the world.
Nice of him to admit it was his own fault he wound up on the streets and not blame society. What a rare quality these days.
Sure is dusty in here or something...
@5 In Kelly's post from yesterday he mentions he ended up on the streets because of drug problems, but that he's been 2 years clean, if I recall correctly.
@8, there's more to being clean than just being clean.
yay for this guy!
@9 - That's a big concern for me, as well. Once someone has hit bottom that hard for that long, he's going to need more than just a new haircut, some new clothes, a pat on the back, and an admonishment not to fuck up his second chance.

The Cavaliers are good people for offering this to him, but I hope they are prepared to give him a long-term support system (at least a year) to ease him back into "normal" life. (Especially since his life isn't going to be normal for a while - he's gone from obscurity to internet fame.) I'm not saying he can't be successful. He probably can be very successful - he just probably doesn't have some of the basic life skills that the rest of us take for granted and is going to need help to attain those.
Yay and stuff, but let's hope he gets employed and settled somewhere soon. Rumors have it that the Cleveland Cavaliers have made him an offer. Sounds like a decent gig if all works out.
@12 - How do you write when you can't read?
@11 The Cavaliers can get him in touch with John Lucas' group or some other quality life coaching. The NBA has learned a lot about talented people blowing their chances on, well, blow.
@13 It's rough, I admit.

Yeah, I missed that link in the post, went and pulled up an article from the Examiner website via Google News, and it sounded a bit iffier than the one everyone else here evidently read, like he wasn't 100% sure he was going to take it/get it. So, I'm sorry I'm not on the same wavelength as everyone else who read the linked story, but I was relaying what I did read.