Is Will in Seattle About to Lose His Power Base?


This is the best thing I've ever read on Slog. (Good lord, michaelp, that big? Congratulations.)
I think Fnarf should try to win the seat as a carpetbagger.

Guess he won't be needing that underwear, gus...and just a wee little bit snarky, that alone would get him my vote, you know, if I lived in Seattle...
What? What? What? Will actually was involved in politics somehow? I thought he was just some internet blowhard with poor social skills like me, but dumber.
He's just not very smart.
what #3 said.
I'd like to endorse Fnarf for the (alt) position.

Sadly, only elected PCOs get to vote in this race.

And if you think that's my power base, you're sadly mistaken, no matter how misinformed michaelp and others might be.
besides, you emailed me at 5pm, you slut.
This may be the pinnacle of slog.
Isthe SECB on this?
fnarf, this is defintely your moment. Where are you? This post has been up for more than 20 minutes.
Um, I haven't been commenting on Slog for a few weeks because of work insanity and the holidays... but... this is seriously 17 kinds of awesome.

AND for whatever reason, the fact that WiS holds that position in the party makes him make so much more sense to me.
Too right, Canuck. I love how he tries to poke awake the district's hard left by reminding them Will claims their values every chance he gets.
@ 11: I sent this email today to both candidates:

As you are both running for a seat on the 43rd District Dems executive board and we're considering our endorsement in the race, we'd like to have you appear in person before the Stranger Election Control Board.

Mr. Maddux replied that next week would work for him. I have yet to hear back from Mr. Affleck-Asch.

@8: If you're reading this, please reply to my email. We intend to issue an endorsement next week and we want a full airing of all the important issues in this race before ballots are cast.
@11 - yes! Interviews, endorsements... oh my. This is striking me as hilarious right now for a variety of reasons. Thank you Slog!
I am so sad the office is out of popcorn you guys.
I'm pretty wonky, but michaelp blew me away with his political knowledge a few slog happies ago. Don't forget he won the Murray/Rossi prediction spread here on slog.
@15 timestamp says 5pm.

Campaign staff usually have advance polling data, wisepunk.
@9 and 19: Um. Will, I would still love to talk to you and hear more about your re-election campaign and your platform.

Meantime, I just want to show you the time stamp that I have on the e-mail I sent you today. It's not 5 p.m.

It's 2:45 p.m., about two hours before this post went up.

From: Eli Sanders
Date: January 7, 2011 2:24:45 PM PST
Subject: 43rd Dems Re-org

Hey Will,

Hear you're being challenged for the KCDCC Rep position in the upcoming 43rd District Dems re-org, and wanted to talk to you about the campaign. You available this afternoon? What's your number?


Eli Sanders
Associate Editor
The Stranger

Looking forward to speaking with you.
I think it's fair to say that Michael stands a very, very good chance of winning.
TVDinner: Well, certainly anyone who reads Slog will be voting for him.
I really have nothing to say here. Best of luck, Michael.

Well, I will add just this: I think it's interesting how Will gets the "hard-left" tag considering the amount of shocking racist vitriol he likes to drop here on Slog. He's anti-Asian and anti-Arab to an extreme that few in the 43rd would countenance if they knew about it. He's repeatedly called for the US to "nuke Saudi Arabia", for instance, and has made it explicitly clear that he's absolutely serious, not trying to be funny and not exaggerating for effect: he means "drop nuclear weapons on Saudi Arabia". His leftism is as phony as every other part of his intellectual makeup.
Wait, Will's an uncompromising lefty? Then why did he walk past me all dolled up in his finest Democratic regalia to cheer on Obama at Husky Stadium in October, instead of joining us anti-DADT protesters? The man's a filthy Obama apologist, and since all Obama does is compromise, I'm pretty sure by the sycophant transitive property of politics he is too.

There's someone more gay than WiS ?


Fnarf...your avatar...bravo, sir.
michaelp is very cute. end of story :)

We have the youngest district and the gayest district in the state of Washington, and so having a young homosexual, I think, would be a good fit.

and then,

Will in Seattle has not yet responded to an e-mailed request for comment on these charges

Eli and Dominic - grow up.
Will - quit commenting on this here. It brings you down to their level.
@28: Do you mean it brings him up to their level?
Will in Seattle, are you willing to work with traditional Democratic groups, such as Labor?
You should be more generous to a guy who likely generates a third of your page views.
I am so glad I live in the 36th District right now.
Remember when Will claimed the White House Chief of Staff follows his tweets? Or when he said, in reference to the McGinn campaign, which he more or less ran, even though no one in the McGinn campaign would recognize him if they ran into him on their bicycles, that he was "pre-meming the thought stream of public opinion"?

See, he goes around to bars and listens to what people are saying, and then incorporates the will of the people. Except he always gets it wrong; I hear his campaign slogan is going to be "let's punt on first down".
All I can say reading this is that every other year when I get vaguest of itches to become fully Political, rather than just sometimes volunteering, is thank God my loonier views and mouth would make it impossible.
Fnarf, yay for the new avatar! Love the glasses *under* the gold catsuit. If you run for anything, please promise to wear it during your campaign.

(gus, I think I've figured out who'd be driving a Lotus in a catsuit...)
Opened up full headers and I get 4:47pm - but the received is 5:00pm (high volume delay)

Bus time!

Fnarf, you'd be surprised who knows me.

@30, since I was a Shop Steward for USWA Local 480 and originally a 32nd Labor nominee, I have worked with Labor quite a bit.

Good points, YeahMeToo, don't want to be late for dinner. Have a 5k to do tomorrow.
Wait what?! Man I don't even
Bit of a dick move to put up this post just 2 hours after sending out the email. I think that's a big part of the reason why I find this all so wonderfully amusing.
UWs big pipes to the internets failed WiS, so sad. He was blindsided.
But, will WiS see the SECB? Stay tuned...
(will someone please get some more popcorn?)
@35: Fnarf might be too modest to say it's an old avatar. He is awfully fetching in gold, isn't he?
@40, he is stunning. And everything is new to me on Slog, like a babe in the woods, I am.
Canuck, I'm sorry to say that the gold suit bit the dust a while back. It had a hard life, and it was encrusted with brown goo that looked unfortunately like poo -- it was ARTIFICIAL POO, damn it -- and the gold was flaking off in sheets. I looked like an obese Oscar statuette with a terrible case of eczema.

@36, drop some names, Will. Come on. I'll show you mine if you show me yours. Here, I'll start: Iggy Pop has seen me empty a full ashtray into my mouth and chew it. That's probably not going to help me get elected to anything, though.

Now, what's yours? "I sent an angry email to Tim Ceis once"?
michaelp strongly supports the deeply boring millionaire's tunnel, just like Dino Rossi, Tim Eyman, Kemper Freeman, and the Seattle Times.

Vote progressive. Vote for hope. Vote for reason. Vote for Will in Seattle.
I don't actually want to see what any of you all look like in real life. It's ruining the images I have in my head!
Oh Fnarf, I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you gave it a worthy burial. (see, I'm not even asking about the "artificial" poo...)

Ooo, can I play the name dropping game?!? One time when I was 15, Mel Brooks yelled at me from his deck that he found some sunglasses on the boardwalk and were they mine? It's been downhill ever since. (They weren't mine.)
I asked whether the SECB is going to endorse in the race for Chair of the 43rd, but was told they're only considering races of national importance.
Rob Reiner and his family ate dinner at the table next to my party in a restaurant recently.

Mel Brooks is more impressive.
Wasnt aware he had any form of power at all, most of what he does is parrot the same anti-tunnel talking points over and over again.
@46- When I was 20, Ani DiFranco wore my underwear on her head.

It's true.
@50, I've offered to let anyone who wants to wear my underwear on their head, but no one's ever taken me up on it. All the ever say is "no, thanks" or "I'm sorry, sir, but we're going to have to ask you to leave".
Ooh, Canuck, now you mention it I'd love to see Fnarf in a fresh gold catsuit gunning a forest-green Lotus Elan back and forth over Will in Seattle.

I have no big names to drop. I once unknowingly blew the most deservedly unpopular drag queen in Seattle.
I once checked in Gary Locke for a flight at SeaTac without realizing until he left the counter that was talking to the (then) governor.
Much as I like young blood (figure of speech) in politics in *most* eras (before idealism and vision are replaced by craftiness and entrenchment), in times of trial like these (complete lunacy) I'm tempted to support tough old (but suitably guarded) dogs *if* they have the requisite experience and drive and negotiating spells to ward off the loonies. (No, not the gold coins.)

That's the question for me, and I'd never let M&M's meltiness subconsciously sway me from doing my civic duty. Would I?
Oh wait, michaelp supports the tunnel? Nix that then.
@36: I'd love to see the actual time-stamps on Will's email.

Because one thing he's demonstrated time after time is that when he's called on his bullshit his MO is to prevaricate and try to change the subject.
I'm actually kinda glad I'm not a PCO right now. Lord knows Will's willful ignorance and blowhardiness is a for sure dealbreaker. But supporting the tunnel is pretty close to a dealbreaker also.
gus, unpopular drag queen or no, it was undoubtedly a step up from Richard Manuel-esque? Someday, my dear, you are going to write a book about your youthful days in Seattle, and I am going to buy it. I will expect a signed copy, of course...
Holy shit!

I honestly didn't think WiS was a real person.

Hm. I'm still not entirely convinced.
@59: I've never been able to figure out how he's managed to stay employed, given the vast amount of time he spends regaling the web with his drivel.
Harlan Ellison once kicked me out of an elevator...
@52: Of what era? Kiss and tell.
@62, it was the age-old enemy of all that is decent and true in this world. I need say no more.
let Will in Seattle fade away with Jan Drago, his favorite.
Cracked the most commented on Slog. Neat!
Will in Seattle doesn't support the tunnel...he has actually long advocated for A NEW ELEVATED VIADUCT! Now that is just plain stupid. I don't know Micheal, but he has to be more thoughtful on any issue.
Well, michaelp, it's Friday night, I have half of a "Carib" beer at my elbow, and 42 pages of editing left to do, so I, for one, will do my part to contribute random trivia and TMI personal stories, cheers!
And how many members of the electorate are on Slog and thus susceptible to the SECB's influence? Even in the ever-so-young, ever-so-gay 43rd, I'd say that PCOs are few and far between in the readership here.

Lessee now, there's Will and Michael. And I see that 43rd Chair candidate forbes made an appearance in this thread. And there's me. Any others?

I'd suggest that there will be a few more than 4 votes cast in the KCDCC race.

For the record, I haven't endorsed in the race. However, I will announce right here in (semi)public that I'll vote for forbes to be the next Chair of the 43rd.
@66: A lamp post is more thoughtful than WiS on most issues. No; all issues.
I and the Wild Turkey are taking a break from the guitars, so I'll play "drop a name".

Tim Minchin and I were at the Tate Modern on the same afternoon in October 2008. We were two gingers, watching a choppy film of a naked man being sprayed with some liquid, but he wore his eyeliner better.
Oh Kim, Dan is going to wet his pants, for sure...Tim Minchin! So, tell us about the hair??? Real or Clairol?
I'd say real, strawberry blondish, because of the eyebrows and complexion. He looks just like he does on stage, but with shoes on.
So either Will is going to have even more time to post on the Slog, or he will have just as much time as always? Seems pretty bad no matter what.
My best friend's adoptive father is the illegitimate son of the guy who directed Casablanca.
Oh, not to worry... I predict this post will hit number one in no time and sit there for a while too.
So long as it knocks Dan out of the top ten, that's a good thing, @75.

The chair's race is the interesting one, actually.
@68 Make it five. Wait, are we counting PCOs or 43rd Dist. Board candidates in the thread? Are there any PCOs not running for the board?

How 'bout an endorsement for the female King County rep candidates, too? (For the non-wonks: that's right, the position Michael and Will are running for is KCDCC Representative--Male. There must be one male and one female, like Noah's ark. Except they don't have to be breeders.)

@61--Harlan Ellison once criticized my table manners. Guy gets around.
I shared a flat in San Francisco with a woman who was dating Harlan Ellison. Sadly, he never came over to spend the night at our place.
I want to play this name dropping game:

Dana Goldberg, famouse comedian, was the officiant at my wedding.

Dan Savage touched my butt at a SlogHappy, although it was an accident as he was passing behind me and my ass sticks out.

I sat next to one of the Jonas brothers on a plane 4 weeks ago. I had to look him up on the internet to figure out which one he was. Joe.
@79 Dan Savage touched your butt??? Sheesh, I have got to get myself to one of these Sloghappys...don't feel bad about the Jonas brothers, I would have had to look them up, too. Aren't they all supposed to be virgins or something?
i sold molly ringwald a pizza once. and i used to babysit for the guy who voiced the little boy in the original animated 'charlotte's web.' his last name was white, and he was related somehow to e.b. white.

regarding this, and WIS, i have no comment.
So with michaelp's leadership we can become the Fighting Compromisers of the 43rd? Has he been hiding in Sally "Stop The Bickering" Bagshaw's skirts?
@77 Well, I'm not running for anything.

Are you? Is someone ahead of you stepping down, or is this another competitive race?
I once spotted Richard Karn (Al from Home Improvements) at Bellevue Square mall.
30 years ago Tom Smothers handed me his half-gone Miller Beer and said, "here, I got a show to do". He went on, I exited the theater with his beer.

For some reason I expected a photo of Will to have faint silver or bronze paint around his mouth and nose.
Oh well, the world is rarely how we imagine it.
guy picciotto gave me a bag of apples once after a show. that totally beats out the molly ringwald pizza sale! i don't know why i didn't think of it first.
I helped Gary Hart find some books he was looking for at the Tattered Cover book store when I worked there in the 90s. And I just missed getting locked in the store when then-president Bill Clinton showed up with then-governor Roy Romer one day (Secret Service security measure - no one could enter or leave while they were there). But working the Arnold Schwarzenegger book signing was the craziest thing that ever happened to me - my god, what a mad scene that was.

Speaking of Harlan Ellison, my sister interviewed him for a sci fi newsletter - he called one of her questions "dumb" even though it was pretty good, but he later apologized for it and praised the interview to the sky. Dude must be bipolar...
@ 86, I brought an orange to a Mr. T Experience show and gave a piece to the singer. And I saw Nirvana at a coffee shop in Boulder in 1989 - I had to leave before they were completely finished, they were feeding back and stuff, and I waved goodbye through the window and Kurt waved back. No big deal at the time, but I can impress kids left and right with that story.
My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.
I smoked out with Jon keisters partner last week.
I love that totally inadvertently this has turned into a parody of Will thread.

For years we've been treated to his boasting of who he knows, who he's slept with, who he's related to, who follows his blog posts/tweets and on and on. And now we are doing the same.
I was directed by David Lynch once. He was filming Fire Walk With me in my neighborhood in Everett and he saw my friends and I riding our bikes around as we were watching them do the filming. He asked us to to ride our bikes in front of Laura Palmer's house three or four times right as Leland palmer was walking out the front door.

I thought he was just a crazy looking guy who smelled like cigarettes.
Question for Will:
As a large section of the 37th has just lost all respect for Sharon Tomiko-Santos (myself included), would you consider moving to the CD and running against her in the primary for state house rep? She's been unopposed in the past, but there's no way I can vote for her anymore.
My brain just exploded.
So it's now more than 12 hours later; has WiS accepted the SECB interview request yet?
I was impressed by MichaelP at a sloghappy so he would have my vote.

On the time-stamp issue I think someone has a email account set to the wrong time zone.

I once sat next to Werner Herzog at a screening of one of his movies. I am a huge fan but it was one of his earlier weaker films so I was kind of bored. I felt awkward sitting next someone who I was in awe of and being bored by his movie.

It's kind of like having a major crush on someone and then find out they're deal breakingly bad in bed. What do you say afterward?
By anyones time stamp, a lot of time hase passed and I don't see a revised Slog story. If Will spent as much time compsing a pitch for himself as he did whining about an irrelevent time stamp issue I think Eli would have posted his side on the main article. I think this speaks volumes for WIS's ability to think on his feet. Life is not always fair, I'll never get a second chance to ask Werner Herzog about Fitzcaraldo, one of my all time favorite movies.
@97 I feel your pain. I saw John Lithgow once, and it was days later that I thought "Buckaroo Bonsai!" (Laugh-a while you can, monkey boy!) my favourite-movie-to-watch-while-stoned of all time, and I missed the opportunity to tackle him and tell him so.
i met captain kangaroo AND had my picture taken with him. top that!