When a Man in Yakima Threatened to Shoot Sen. Patty Murray in the Head, Guess Who He Sounded Like?


Did any of you actually interact with the teabaggers at any of those health care town hall meetings a while back?

I attended as a planned parenthood volunteer in Cincinnati. I had lots of conversations with the crazy; after that, I seriously feared for the life of my then-rep, Steve Driehaus.

Shooter was identified just now as Sherrod Lofner (Laughner?)...
Surgeon being interviewed right now is "very optimistic" for the Congresswoman's survival. "She was shot 1 time, through and through on one side of the head." She is responsive. The child is dead.
Now is the time to start fighting back and letting Americans know what vile, murderous trash Palin and Beck are.
it turned out that Wilson—who was sentenced to a year in prison in October

Why was Wilson sentenced to a year in prison for his threat while hatchet murderer Michael LaRosa could threaten a woman...

"..the woman LaRosa had moved to Seattle to be with had filed a restraining order against him, saying LaRosa had threatened to kill her. A poem called "I Ruined Your Face" that turned up in documents relating to the restraining order reads in part:

I ruined your face, I ruined your face
I hit it with a bat and, blood went all over the place
I ruined your face, I ruined your face
I beat it with a bomb and, blew up your brains

...but he didn't get put in prison (or even involuntarily committed)?

Is it because Wilson's threats were more overt?