Palin Panics


Surveyor marks. Yeah, right. Sure. Whatever you say.

Because when someone says, "Don't retreat, reload," my first thought is surveying.
Sure, Sarah. You called them bullseyes yourself, you stupid bitch:…
Here's the actual twitter post:…
Sarah Palin is a puss filled cunt.
What is that, 3 of them over Arizona? Also, don't forget to blame Karl Rove and all the Bush neo-cons who program Palin.
Yes, I'm sure the first thought on the family's mind is to lay blame on Sarah Palin. While I hate the woman, I hate the people who are going to immediately use the pain and suffering of those involved for political gain even more. Shame on you.
Sarah, attacks on YOU are "obscene" and "appalling"? If I were you I'd be lying low today, not victim-braying.
Poor Sarah. After all the fuck ups, this will be what brings her down.

Although it is true, most modern optical sights don't look like that anymore.
It.s sad that a 22 year old with a high school education and low income who listens to the group antiflag would do this.

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She needs to be called out on this. I'm tired of our side being so polite and not wanting to make waves. Her violent rhetoric has contributed to the *loss of human life.*

I don't think I could ever be the type of person that could fixate so much on healthcare that I call for things like "second amendment remedies" and then, six months later, shrug off the fact that my words left spilt blood in its wake.
9 year old Christina Taylor Green was born on 9/11 and was the granddaughter of former MLB manager Dallas Green. Her father is currently a scout for the Dodgers. She was taken to the event by a neighbor who thought she would enjoy it because she had just been elected to the student council at her school.

You can lie and spin this all you want Sarah but we know the truth.
It's hilarious how Palin's first impulse when faced with any tough question is to immediately lie. You'd think she'd be better at it by now, but nope.
Palin is an attention-whore. I'm certain she loves that everyone is talking about her, even if it's in a negative light. She loves to be the "victim" and craves attention. Why can't she be eaten by a moose or something?
@13: you just encouraged mentally-ill leftist moose to attack and kill Sarah Palin. YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS TIM MCVEIGH!
13 nailed it. In Sarah's world its all about her being the victim and having to fight a liberal media. Fight, after all, is her favourite word. Yup, its Palin vs. the World...she must FIGHT for her right to spread ignorance and hate, to hell (literally, in her mind) with those who stand in her way. What an aggressive group of hateful people these tea baggers (or whatever they are calling themselves) are.
It is true that the Surveyor is one of the great American icons of life, liberty... and all the rest of it. Remember all those John Wayne movies where he tamed the West with his trusty transit and theodolite?

Me either.
So the gunman killed Giffords' 30-year-old aide. But the other murder victims were the 9-year-old girl and three men and women over age 70--in fact, I think over age 75--including a priest who jumped in front of his wife.
this guy also listened to classic rock…

so whose yt vid does that remind you of?

clearly he was driven by the open gay group Queen
"Yes, I'm sure the first thought on the family's mind is to lay blame on Sarah Palin."

Yes, I get that it's sarcasm, but for those of us who aren't in the middle of this tragedy look at this and know it's fucking ridiculous to offer Palin any sort of a pass right now. The fact that she's bleating away only confirms it.
It was interesting watching Katie Couric report the shooting yesterday. CBS, unlike ABC (didn't see NBC, which I think had the later football game on), did mention that Republicans were behind much of violent rhetoric. I think they even mentioned Palin's target map.

Couric, as someone pretty much declared an enemy of Palin, must realize that she, too, is as much a target as Giffords.
Confidential to Bible Spice: you can't "walk back" a bullet in the head.

# 6 is simply dismissing Palin's responsibility. And sure, the family's first concern was for the kid. But if we look at the details posted by #11, we realize that this is a politically aware and active family, so yes, damn right that they're going to think about and blame Palin, as they should.
I just did a google image search for "map surveyor marks" and while I got lots of maps, some with dots on them, I got no cross-hairs at all. Can anyone point me to a link of a map with surveryor's cross-hairs on it so I can see wtf Palin's trying to claim these bullseyes of hers were?
Mike Huckabee didn't take responsibility for the murder of four officers, either. The right wing just doesn't admit they are a bunch of incompetent fuck-ups that get people murdered. Pro-life=Death!
The "2nd Amendment remedies" quote wasn't from Palin, it was from a Teabagger candidate in Nevada. Just another example of the irresponsible, insane rhetoric that's been carelessly thrown around lately:…
@10 The "Second Amendment remedies" line was actually Sharron Angle's, not Palin's. I imagine it's an honest mistake, but there's no need to put any words in Palin's mouth that aren't actually her's.

Though Fox News is still standing proudly (read "cowardly") in defense of their big star. Have ya'll since this lil piece of journalistic integrity?…
Here are the murder victims. Actually, I forgot to include the judge. But anyway, like I said, the victims include a 9-year-old girl and three senior citizens.

The deceased have been identified as: John Roll (63), Dorothy Morris (76), Dorwin Stoddard (76), Christina Greene (9), Phyllis Schneck (79) and Gabriel Zimmerman (30).
And kiddies, the GOP has only had power in the House for less than a week!! Can you imagine what the country will be like in a couple of months?

Move to Europe or get ready to protect yourself. Tea Baggers have their first taste of blood & there's no doubt they love it.
I can confirm that many Site/Surveying/Sampling Plans in Geotechnical and Environmental work use a circle and cross-hair like the Palin gunsights. In fact I use them many times a month. The main difference is in such work, the two opposite quarters/wedges are almost always colored in.

Even with that, the first thing I saw on the Palin CPAC map were gunsights, not survey marks. The language consistently used by her and her far right cohorts only reinforce such first impressions.

And count me among those who is incensed that the right wing threats have finally come to pass. That many of their representatives are not taking responsibility for such actions just fans those flames.
indeed, in light of sarah palin, i shall wonder if ever there is again a debate whether or not it is ever appropriate to call a woman a "cunt".
Those of us who love our cunts take offense to them being compared to a filthy whore like Palin. Can we call her a "sweaty syphilitic ball sack", or something else which is less universally loved?
@23 The only thing I can think of, not surveyor's marks, but datum used in architectural drawings. Elevation/level marks. I haven't seen a lot of surveyor's maps, but can't say I've ever seen those marks on civil drawings.
Of course, this is pointless discussion. Palin's full of hateful shit and we either know it, or we say, "well, it's not her fault; she didn't pull the trigger."
And I hate to be a Dan-booster, since he's pretty good at that himself, but I remember his poignant post about how O'Reiley was able to incite someone into killing Dr. Tiller. Dan wrote something to the effect of: how many more people are going to be killed until we hold these people to task for their hate-speak?
It will be a wonderful day when Botox and pancake makeup are no longer strong enough to make Sarah Palin look photogenic. When she can't paint her looks on with a trowel, the rest of the world will see just how ugly and empty she really is. On a level playing field Sarah is just a another washed-up cheerleader who feeds her ego by being a twat to everyone else in her small, irrelevant town.
I wonder what coloring the surveyor marks red for "gotcha" means? Maybe they were surveying for iron ore, and found a rich deposit. Or maybe it's a red for "stop". There was a liberal in this district, and then we hung out a big, red stop sign. With cross-hairs.
K3 for the win! Two great comments. I totally agree with you on both points. As much as I despise her, I never use the c-word in that way. And yes, she gets away with so much hateful talk because she's what some consider attractive.
Someone posted this table of symbols as "proof" that the cross-hair is a standard map marking tool. I'm unable to determine if these are map symbols, CAD symbols or something else. Anyone know where this came from?
>It's hilarious how Palin's first impulse when faced with any tough question is to immediately lie. You'd think she'd be better at it by now, but nope.

There are those small-town values she keeps trumpeting right there.
@26: I was watching Fox at that moment. The anchors already announced that they were going to a break - though it was abrupt and it cut the guy off right after he said "Palin", they were still going to a break. I think they call that bumper video.
Banna, those are indeed commonly-used reference symbols used in Civil Engineering and Surveying. The first couple of rows appear to be generic reference symbols. The third row is, indeed, surveying symbols except for the last two symbols.

The fourth row, first symbol is also a surveying symbol. The rest represent utilities and surface features. Gas valves, street signs, telephone junction boxes.

Of them all, symbol '+CIRP' in the middle row looks most like a gun sight, but it is the symbol for a survey monument, e.g. a fixed reference point inscribed on a brass marker housed in a small concrete pipe embedded in the ground.
Oh, I had forgotten how O'Reily murdered Dr. George Tiller. It seems FOX is chock full of murderers as entertainment. FOX MURDER CHANNEL! It's time to cancel cable and say we don't want this garbage anymore, it's killing good people!
Well, with Palin's vast history of surveying (she was on the original Lewis and Clarke expedition, right?) I'm sure that's exactly what she was thinking when she hand-drew her "target" map all by herself. Case closed everyone! Thanks for the info, 41.
I believe her to be a real, actual sociopath. She fits the definition to a T.
So what if this turns out to be some sort of off the grid, neo-Nazi plot by people who never saw that stupid map? Palin calls you idiots for ranting about it, more literate Republicans say you jumped to conclusions based on bigotry and hatred. Might not be the best story to be pushing right now...
"Bullseye" out of her own filthy, shit filled, lying mouth.
On FOX, Geraldo says that this hurts Palin's short term political future as she will unfairly be linked:…

Then, right wing blogs go crazy for allowing a "leftist" like Rivera a two hour platform to stir up hate against Palin…

There's no reason you can't love your cunt and still use the word to describe Sarah Palin. It's not a gender thing; I love my prick and my asshole but I use those words as epithets all the time too.
As a danger to herself and others it is my guess that her rhetoric will be rejected by the independents, has been rejected by the left, and she get tied to this by her competitors on the Right.
For far too long this reckless behavior has been rewarded by the media, and her supporters.
The confrontational town hall tactics found a loon it denied it was looking for, tragic. Saying "I told you so" may not make this situation any better, but hopefully it serves a future purpose.
If you made a map with a goatse over every Republican district, would that be inciting lewd assaults on congress? And if so, why haven't you done it?
>The confrontational town hall tactics found a loon it denied it was looking for...

Thank you 'MrBaker', those few words are the the best summary of what's happened.

Here's hoping the second part of what you posted also comes true. Here's hoping a better, more rational political discourse comes about.
@40 They can do no wrong in your eyes, can they? Well in the 37 second clip currently available, they don't mention that they're just about to cut to commercial, they don't seem like they're just about to cut to commercial, and believing something you've stated as true based solely on faith in your honesty is ludicrous, I'm gonna have to decline to agree with you for now, Phoebe.
So Palin drags down the far right, which means Romney is a walk for the nomination. Huckabee and Giuliani are over.
@52: I can't get to that clip. I'm only seeing the embedded MSNBC clip in that link. Anyhow, I saw what I saw, dear oc.
Palin's skills set is in markmanship, not civil engineering or political science. Nobody who saw that map before yesterday had any doubt what the crosshairs represented.
Anyone in Palin's spot with the tiniest speck of decency would have immediately issued a public statement condemning violence. Her condolence message yesterday did not come close. In this case, what she didn't say reveals more than what she did say.
45/CG: So what if this turns out to be some sort of off the grid, neo-Nazi plot by people who never saw that stupid map?

But that can't possibly be because it doesn't follow the preferred narrative by most (it appears) of my fellow libs: Palin is responsible. (I'm not really blaming my fellow libs. They're just doing what partisans typically do. If the roles were reversed, conservatives would be the ones quick to judge and liberals would be saying "hey, not so fast...wait until all the facts are in.")

I will admit, it does seem to be more than a coincidence that Gifford's district was one of those in the crosshairs but it's also possible the scumbag murderer targeted her for warped reasons that had nothing to do with it that map. Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence.
I had assumed that Palin took down that map way back when the controversy erupted. Silly me. But Roma nails it in @57.
So I take it that we can post a picture of Sarah with surveyer marks across her face too?

@32: Please don't denigrate the noble sex-worker by comparing her to Palin. :-)

This is hardly surprising: the Homeland Security analysis Obama got when he took office determined domestic terrorism from right-wing hate groups/extremists to be the biggest security threat. With all the violent rhetoric, carrying guns to rallies, etc. it was only a matter of time. What really gets me: I'm not opposed to violence as a last resort, in a very limited number of circumstances, but this guy was pissed about what? An increased tax burden, probably not even for him? Or health insurance reform in general? His beef was that we might not just let sick people die? And that justified shooting 17 people, 15 of whom had no direct connection to his target? Something like this wouldn't even be justifiable in extreme circumstances.

The Left wants to make sure we don't let people starve and die in agony, while the Right wants to make sure the wealthiest 5%-3% of the country doesn't have to pay more in taxes. These are not equally-weighted nor equally-valid positions. Even in the event that the Left does have violent extremists (and we do, though, being concerned with human well-being, we tend to fuck-up property like sweat-shop-labor corporate offices and outlets or military recruiting stations, only targeting actual people when they're literally targeting us with violence e.g. police officers exercising illegal authority), that violence is a response to systemic violence. I don't feel like we've hit the point where violent revolution is justifiable on any counts, but even if we have, what violence was visited upon this man to which he was responding? This was not a reasoned political action taken by someone left with no other options, this was a thoughtless response to right-wing rhetoric that specifically marked Giffords as target for violence, gun violence. This is worse, even, than the guy who shoots a doctor who performs abortions: misguided as he is, that guy is at least protecting lives (as he sees it).
Maybe she meant Bullseye as in the comic book Assassin character? Oh wait...…

Anyone else get the feeling that Palin's people are just handling this wrong? I mean, a simple "we don't see the connection, but perhaps the map was in poor taste and we've pulled it down" would have sufficed. Instead we get this:…

I highly recommend taking a look.
@35-- You're officially on my list of "People I'm Going To Buy a Cup of Coffee Should I Ever Get a Chance."
@54 The clip is still up at Mediate:… Though yeah, I'd like to see the preceding minutes as well.
She retreating instead of reloading.…
Seems like Sarah has her own "death panel" at her disposal.
Vintage Sarah, lying, or as Mary McCarthy said of Lillian Hellman: "...every word she writes is a lie, including 'and' and 'the.'" Wondering what the colors of the upcoming Civil War will be - hopefully not that drab blue and grey from the last one.
@35, then she'll be Sharron Angle 2.0. That woman looks like one of those colonial era dolls that had a dried apple for a head.
The majority of the people in this country are Palin's accomplices, either through their apathy or by by embracing her hateful rhetoric. Remember, many people of this country put the Republicans back in power. It was not good enough that we were trying to correct our mistakes by embracing a black man for President, we had to vote to for people to undermine any and every decision he tries to make. This shooting has political tone. It does not matter whether the assassin was mentally unstable. Why be afraid of nuclear bombs if we sabotage ourselves every time we are moving forward? Palin should be called out on this. I'm tired of being politically correct and look the other way every time this ignorant idiot acts and speaks irrationally. Palin's violent rhetoric has contributed to innocent people including a child getting killed. If she is innocent why did her aide run to put down the website in question? Why hasn’t she surfaced with her retarded self to continue with her stupid remarks? It is time for the morons of this country to realize that she is demented!
I'm also disturbed by her use of the word "taint" in her twitter post...
The point is, all you Palin apologists, that its not a good idea to couple violence with political disagreement. Even if it had nothing to do with what the shooter did, the map and all the weapons metaphor is a bad idea. Look at what a huge distraction all this is. Frankly, this is just the other side of the coin of Boenhers crying. People who can't control the way their emotions impact their behaviour shouldn't be involved in politics.
I saved a copy of that website and just took a look at the source code. One of the top links for donation points to a page titled, "palin-targets-health-care-law-supporters-on-site"
Specifically -…

#71 FTW.

Only one of the two major political parties in this country has been actively courting racist, gun-loving, government-hating nuts. Anyone who's been paying attention and not living in denial has known this was coming for a while.
Why do all of you "really mature, educated, sensitive, peace-loving, decent contributers to the good will and betterment of others," sound so much more like the demented, sick, fascist liberal, who alone-- is responsible for his deed. This sad, misguided soul, who declared his favorite literature is really thoughtful and compelling light reading like: Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto, had stalked Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords since 2007, long before Tea Party rhetoric, etc.
Please examine all the facts before raping and torturing (just a metaphor) someone's wife/mothers character in public. How sad. How predictable.
If your exacerbating, perverse and violent language doesn't incur more bloodshed, it will be a miracle. Help, Aba! Heal us with Your touch.

The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

Shame on you for attacking those of us who are trying to stop this kind of thing from happening ever again. We're not attacking Palin for "political gain." We're doing it because if we don't stop this rhetoric and behavior from her and her allies then more assassinations are going to happen in the future.

Giffords herself had already spoken out about her fears that Palin's website would lead to this. So yes, while I'm sure at this moment her family is focused on her recovery, I also have no doubt that they agree with efforts to shut down the violent rhetoric of Palin et al.

Bottom line, an assassination is a political act. Treating it like an act of god only enables the hatemongers.
Another irony here - - the just-enacted health care legislation that the pigs are fighting could have helped the shooter get some fucking help for his psychosis/schizophrenia/whatever, since he lived at home and was not yet 26 years old. Still want to repeal that, assholes?
Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.…
@57 Not a coincidence. Giffords had already been threatened and had her office vandalized.
Damn. Are her presidential aspirations shot to hell then?
@74: He also counted among his favorite books anti-totalitarian works such as Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, and Ayn Rand's "We the Living." Yes, that's right, Ayn Rand and Hitler. Do liberals love Ayn Rand?
@6, have you ever had something truly awful happen to you? You actually do spend a lot of time wrestling with the "why" of it. Why me, why my family, why my wife, my daughter. When Giffords' father was asked last night if his daughter had any enemies, he said "like the entire Tea Party."

Believe me, if you've ever faced an assault, an accident or even a terrible disease, one of the first places your grief goes is to ask why and there's not a single damn thing wrong with it.

Say: "has" enemies, not "had." Fingers crossed.
I know that in the world of the left the notion of personal responsiblity simply has no meaning. At all. Ever. The guy who pulled the trigger in Arizona? Nope, he was the victim. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and George Bush and Sarah Palin are the real murderers.

How do you folks drive or work with that reality challenged world view. 'Sorry officer, I swerved to avoid the pink orangutang in the road. What orangutang? Well, in my mind he existed!' 'Sorry boss, I thought the project was due Tuesday, but for me Tuesday is actually Thursday. You have to respect my view of reality, damn it, or I'll call the EOC!' Good god, what a pathetic bunch of scapegoating idiots you folks really are.

I mean, it's just not possible for you morons that this lunatic Loughner is just that, a lunatic. No, he and Sarah Palin cooked up this little plot together to kill Congresswoman Giffords. Well, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney probably actually ordered the hit,

You folks are nuts. You're insane. To blame a person using heated political rhetoric (you know, like calling someone whom you dislike politically a cunt or a filthy whore or a syphillitic ball sac, that kind of rhetoric) for a murder without a bit more connection is just stupid. Moronic. Idiotic.

O'Reilly didn't kill that disgusting murderous human being, George Tiller. A lunatic did. Palin didn't kill that little girl or any of the other tragic victims in Arizona, Loughner did. Again, I know that the left simply doesn't understand the notion of responsiblity, so I guess understanding this is asking too much of you pathetic foul mouthed lunatics.

Keep trying to score disgusting political points on this tragedy. It only underscores why the majority of this nation thinks progressive thought the province of the perpetual adolescent.
The Republicans will eliminate the education programs that would have helped the shooter keep up in school, eliminate programs to help the emotionally ill, make sure he has access to guns, and fill him full of anti liberal rhetoric....

I can't see how the Republicans can avoid some blame. Yes, the shooter is responsible, but who created the monster. As they say on the crime shows... "How do we determine guilt? means, opportunity, intent." The Republicans provided all three. They may not have been guilty, but they certainly come across as complicit.
@83: You do know that it is possible to hold more than one thought in your mind at the same time, right? Let me give you an example:

"The young man who killed six people in his assassination attempt on Rep. Giffords was clearly suffering from some form of mental illness. I wonder to what extent the overheated political rhetoric in the United States - particularly the increasing use of the language and imagery of violence and conflict seen on the Right - influenced his delusions and the way in which he acted them out? I also find it shocking that one so unbalanced was able to get his hands on a firearm so quickly - surely it is reasonable for society to want to prevent the mentally ill from acquiring that kind of firepower?"

I can believe - all at the same time - that:

1. Loughner is insane.

2. Violent rhetoric affected how he expressed his insanity.

3. The Second Amendment didn't help much either.

It's called complexity.

Ah. So I assume that you and the rest will be condemning the use of words like cunt and whore to describe Mrs. Palin right away, yes? No? I assume the asanine cries for Bush and Cheney to face war crimes trials for imaginary hyperbolic crimes will be loudly rejected by the left. Lies about Republican objectives by loudmouths like Schultz, Maddow, and Hartmann will receive loud condemnation, right? No? How interesting.

The left is as hateful and derisory of the right as the right is of the left. Oddly, though the tone was very similar in the Jefferson/Adams presidential race, with lies and half truths flying like fur in an alley cat fight, armageddon did not happen. Armed bands of 2nd Amendment quoting rednecks did not take over cities, or shoot up county fairs. The republic held. The use of highly charged partisan rhetoric is not new, not even nearly.

It is possible to assign blame where it lies as well. Loughner and he alone killed those people. Sarah Palin, while irritating and not exactly a shining example of conservative thought did not. Limbaugh and Beck, while blowhards without anything to offer but Roman circus style entertainment, did not. Bush and Cheney and Rove, while they were none of them stellar at their jobs, did not. He and he alone made the choice to pull a pistol and start firing, and he alone bears the blame.

The left simply wants to use it to score cheap political points using the agonizing grief of 6 families as fodder. You ought to be deeply ashamed.

That is the left in this country ought to be ashamed. I keep forgetting that you're a Canuck, with no dog in this fight. It's a family squabble from the 2nd Amendment as it applies today right down to the type of rhetoric we use in OUR politics. It doesn't concern you. Kindly butt out.
@86? "Kindly butt out"? Kindly fuck off. It's not your Internet. Just because you have an incredibly insular world view and don't seem to give a crap about what happens beyond the boundaries of your country doesn't meant that no one else is allowed to have, or express, an opinion.

"Butt out" is not a rebuttal.

(Don't even start about scoring political points out of the agonizing grief of 6 families. I've watched almost ten years of the Right - in my country as well as your own - doing just that, out of the agonizing grief of 3000 families.)

As to the rest, I'm not talking about rude comments or personal insults. I'm talking about "reload" and "Second Amendment solution" rhetoric, maps with cross-hairs on them, people carrying guns openly at political rallies, "the blood of tyrants and patriots", all that violent, apocalyptic crap. Are there some on the left who go over the top in their speech? Certainly. But to compare their numbers, their influence, and the virulence of their commentary to that which is considered mainstream on the American right is to be wilfully blind.

It is equally blind to believe that the prevailing culture doesn't influence the way the mentally ill experience and react to their delusions. This article was linked to in another thread. It makes for interesting reading:

"'It's a reasonable question to ask,' Dr. Marvin Swartz, a psychiatry professor at Duke University who specializes in how environment impacts the behavior of the mentally ill, said in an interview this morning. 'The nature of someone's delusions is affected by culture. It's a reasonable line of inquiry to ask, How does a political culture affect the content of people's delusions?'"

Loughner's actions were his own; but he was in an environment that shaped him.

Sarah, why don't you get out there with your rifles and shoot at these people yourself rather than suggesting others do it. I'm sure you're the best shot.
@88 -- Actually, did you watch her reality show? Apparently she's actually a really miserable shot.
"Surveyor marks" -- instant classic!!!!

The biggest, most ludicrous lie since George Allen's aide said Allen (twice) called a reporter "macaca" because the guy had something like a mohawk hair-do. (Huh? He did?)

If Sarah Palin doesn't explicitly and specifically dispute "surveyor marks," the comments belong to her (she's the leader of her aides, no? - the person the aides are aiding), and the term "surveyor marks" will forever be associated with her.

I have a feeling that her political career will be going the way of George Allen's political career, especially if she doesn't act quickly.
Well, the surveyor marks comment is crap, but "bullseye" is not the same as a gun-sight crosshairs as is being swirled around (they do look like crosshairs). Bullseye is not a term used for shooting people- it's for sports such as archery and darts, of course including gun target shooting.
Did I just defend Palin? Ugh! I recant the statement @91. ****They're goddamn crosshairs! WTF?

(I secretly want Palin on the R ticket in 2012, guaranteeing a two-term Obama presidency.)
oh yes of course.
an absurd denial is more appropriate than any expression of regret.
Wait? "T'aint bad"??
While teabagging, Mrs. Palin was loathe to find crosshairs in her taint.