Palin Deletes Comments Critical of Palin, Leaves Up Comment Celebrating Death of a Child


Sarah will soon be on Fox news decrying how she's become a victim during all of this. My guess it will happen within a month.
You are most welcome, sir. Thanks for getting the word out! <3
Palin's idiot staffers probably didn't even know what the girl's name was. They likely were just told "delete anything that says anything bad about Sarah and leave the rest."

Sarah Palin's not exactly a genius. I'm guessing her staff aren't taking time off from Mensa meetings to patrol her facebook page either. The blind leading the blind and so forth...
Come on, the comment had to be ironic. It's not surprising that Sarah & Co don't recognize irony, but Obama London must be tired.
@1 - It's probably the first time I agree with you on anything but I'm going to think it'll be sometime this week after John Stewart and Stephen Colbert eviscerate Palin and Faux News on their show this week.
Yeah! Sarah Palin bad! SEE! Bad! PALIN bad!
Jesus fucking Christ we get it the lady sucks and I'd have to agree, but can we move on? How about this, you compile all the ways Sarah Palin and her camp suck and release it maybe once a month in one post. We don't need live feed coverage of every time she takes a crap.
#3 that or they didn't even understand what the comment was saying.
@4: it's hard for to tell whether it's ironic or not, considering where it's posted. And even if it is ironic, it is in extremely bad taste, and as long as you're deleting critical comments, you should delete that as well.
"Sarah Palin's operation is famous for deleting even mildly critical comments from the liar's Facebook page"

there are still many, many pages of comments critical of palin still on the site:

Nicole Whisenhunt
Blood is on your hands now women!!!! whos next ms palin???

Jim Campbell
Pailin is a cunt

Kenneth Wright
The Arizona blood is on Palin's hands, and on Beck's, Limbaugh's, Bohner's, McCain's, the NRAs, and the hands of all you small brained Palin supportors.

those are on page 10 of the comments. i didn't see the tina king post, it's likely buried deeper in the string. but it looks like palin's team started deleting comments after a certain time and wasn't going back and just deleting negative comments.

so there are some that are lasting a long time. this doesn't excuse any of palin's behavior, and i'd like to see her humiliated out of the public spotlight, but making wild claims based on only partial evidence sounds like something tea baggers would do.

Dan's only reason to exist is all the people he hates and obsesses over. Hate, spite and envy are the only things keeping him going.
Whether or not it's ironic, the fact that it was left on the site is absolutely horrible no matter what the censors thought it meant. But, then again, perhaps the censors just got overwhelmed. It's certainly possible.

While I certainly agree that this highlights how ugly and regrettable Palin's rhetoric is, I don't like how this has turned all about Palin.
@10: And cock, don't forget cock. And cake—stale. And beer—draft.
Wow. Has anyone else notice the TeaParty army thats been sent to attack the Slog? Keith Olberman says they are sending online commenters all over the internet to stop any talk of their responsibility in this matter.
The army of paid commenters is RISING!!!
I thought this comment ( from a Michigan cop was as bad as it could get but I was wrong.

It was actually so unnerving I didn't post it yesterday as to not dial up the crazy.
What a bunch of domestic terrorist assholes. Sarah Palin leads the pack... How unbelievably disgusting - and it shows just how despicable these people truly are. Vile filth.
DAN!!! Stop feeding the unregistered trolls!!!
@16: Moar like telling them what to feed him, amirite?
@12 you must be remarkably easy to please on birthdays and Christmas...for your husband, at least...
The poster of the comment has apologized- it was intended to be sarcasm but, as we know, that doesn't translate well on the net.

Follow the discussion here:…
@16 Troll is the new communist. Just because my opinion may be different doesn't mean that I am trying to incite an outrage from you. In fact if you read my first comment you'd know that I want the exact opposite. I mostly can't believe how much it fulfills Slog readers to sit around and agree with each other on something that any decent human being would find wrong. Yeah lets all talk about how much AIDS sucks! I think I'll pass. As for being unregistered maybe I don't get the same rush from waking up and running to the computer to see what I can comment on in my little "community", but this live Palin shit is a little over the top. However I am not a troll.
Crosshairs on Giffords and 19 other Democrats as a surveyor's mark and not a symbol of lock and reload, go out and shootum? Give me a break! The hate rhetoric of Sarah Palen, Beck, Hannity, Limbah, et al falling on the ears of a deranged person with access to an assualt weapon is akin to shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater and then denying any responsibility for those trampled as a consequense. At least admit (and perhaps apologize) for culpibility in a tragidy!
@20: "In fact if you read my first comment you'd know that I want the exact opposite."
>"read my first comment"
>I go to check your MyStrangerFace profile
>it says that comment is the only one you've made on SLOG
@22 Thats because I just registered, Poirot. I know you find it hard to believe but I can in fact comment with out being in your club.
@22: If you wanted us to read your first comment, you'd have referenced it. None of the unregistereds are under the name "PicanteWest", so essentially, all we have connected to you is the two posts made after you registered. Which unregistered, pray tell, is yours?
Like I said, GTFO.
So I complained on FB about all the rhetoric that leads to an environment that fosters violence such as this and got an immediate bounce back from all my rightwing friends that I was wrong. Hate speech from the right doesn't exist. Then I read down though the comments on the Stranger, HA and this poor guy's blog. I realize that most of them are just blow hard trolls who thrive on creating chaos, but you sometimes wonder after an event such as this....

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you know Danny looks elsewhere for his "treats".

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@26: You mad.
As 19 pointed out, it turns out that comment actually was meant sarcastically and Palin's goons just deleted all of the poster's other, clearly negative, comments, depriving it of context.…
(scroll down, look for comment by icannotshant)
Hi Dan - Thanks for posting to my blog
However, for the record... I am female. ;)
@Last of the Time Lords - Took about a day actually.…