The Voice Mails of Charles Habermann, the Man Accused of Threatening to Kill Congressman Jim McDermott


Locke with a silent e, dudes.
Of course this wacko lives off a trust fund. Probably never worked a day in his life.
@1 Yeah, the best part is that a trust fund dude is complaining about other people getting money they didn't earn. I suppose we shouldn't jump to conclusions and don't know the details of his finances, but it looks pretty stupid at first glance.

As for the calls themselves, he definitely deserved a visit from the FBI. Stay safe, Jim.
Collin Peterson (MN) or Chellie Pingree (ME)?
Kind of surreal to hear such a poorly articulated critique of McDermott by someone who sounds, if he is to be believed, fairly well read, at least within the white mans burden genre.

Also, not to be nitpicky, but how does a stranger intern not spell "fagot" correctly?
Classy guy.
@1 and 5: Our intern has correctly transcribed the federal complaint. It's the feds who spelled "fagot" and "lock" incorrectly.
It would save a lot of the people's money if we indulged in summary justice, too. But we don't, so pay up, bub.
3,000,000 dollar trust fund? Fuh'realz?! DAMN! I could live off that forEVER!!!

Seriously, that guy needs to go to jail for ... 5-7 years and Gould be fined enough to pay for the investigation and prosecution of this case, his incarceration, and enough money on top of that to pay for education for those of us without the free ride so we may one day bequeath an amount like that to our childrens.
The complaint states that the other threatened House member was "Congresswoman C.P." As I mentioned elsewhere, that can only mean Chellie Pingree (ME-01), also a liberal Democrat.
"He thinks he can steal money from people and give it to losers."
That's it, right there.

Right wingers and teabaggers don't see that sometimes people fall on hard times, they don't see that some people, merely by being born in the right place, inherently have more opportunity and advantage than others.

Nope. They see them as losers. There are no homeless people, only losers, no unemployed, only losers, no minorities, only losers.

You're partly correct. Wingers and teabaggers sympathize with those they know directly and any straight white Christian man who fall on hard times. Everyone else is a loser. Those fucks are extremely tribalistic.
@6 -- and "Treatise".
what part of "provide for the general welfare" don't YOU get, drunk old man? stop fucking the corpses of men who lived before trains existed.
Uh, I, I, I’d like to remind you McDermott that if you read the constitution all the money belongs to the people. None of it belongs to Government. Okay!
16th amendment: "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration."
So he's been driven to threats of killing by the LOCKEAN FABLE? ...well, as always, I'll also blame a dumbed-down pseudo-Calvinism that divides us into just, unchangeable, Elect and Preterite classes.

Give that man a dose of Franklin and Paine...he can afford it, possessing much more than a rude hut, coat, and match-lock.
I've known this guy, he is an arrogant fucker and shit that's a fucking understatement. This guy has a severe alcohol and drug problem, as well as a very warped sense of reality which obviously s related to hs lack of real wold experience and his over wealthy family. But let's not forget that he thinks he earned that money and that he is wealthy, the truth is hs arents earned that money and handed it to him so he didn't put in the blood sweat and tears to earn the money so he doesn't have the understanding of what I took to get the money so he doesn't have the class that accompanies that money. He lived in a beautiful building in downtown Chicago but lived like a scumbag in an apartment littered with empty beer bottles. This guy Is going around acting tough leaving these voicemails but let me tell you his coke dealer used to rip him off daily, and his so called friends where always looking for a way to take advantage of him. He is so fuckin lucky he didn't wind up in a California state prison those gangbangers would have extorted hs 3 million dollar trust fund, beat his ass, took his commissary, and raped his pussy ass. It's just so Ironic how he thought he was better than people calling democrats criminals etc. etc. now look whose the damn criminal. Ex con will follow you your entire life.
Duh, I got the Franklin rip-off wrong: it's "matchcoat", not "match-lock".