Season of the Witch


There is no h in his name. I know this because I often tell people of my extreme dislike of Nicolas Cage.
i'm going anyway. i love these kinda movies.
What STM said.

Too bad they gave away so much in the commercials and previews.

(you can also see the Green Hornet)
I saw it and liked it as a "so terrible it's good" movie, although Mr. Griffin said it was like watching a really good SyFy channel original movie.
Jesus H on a Harley! I can't believe you would go to see a piece of crap like that!

Oh's Paul Constant.

The movie is simply another propagandistic piece of crap leading the forever young to believe there is actually something to all this fairy tale religious crap --- plagues don't result from poor hygiene, but from demons among us --- and Wall Street really is about doing god's work.

Cripes -- next thing Noam Chomsky will be claiming that the economic meltdown resulted from "short-sightedness" and "institutionalized irrationality" --- frigging too late, that douchebag fraudster has already claimed such.

A curse on Chomsky, MIT lackey swine, Krugman, Jeffrey Sachs and that diabolical mindfreak, Jeremy Rifkin, who always stands for the opposite of what he represents himself as (and has ALWAYS been on the board of the Wharton School of Business).