Crime and the Youth of Today


The difference in how the two are treated is because it's more likely that a daytime burglary will take place without resistance (because none of the residents of the home are present), so there's less chance of violence than exists for nighttime burglaries.
At least it wasn't MySpace. He'd never be able to hold his head up in public again.
Good Morning Charles,
I'm not so sure of the day vs. night burglary correlation but it does recall a funny and nonviolent situation involving a Cameroonian immigrant who was apprehended in Mexico for a crime committed in the US a few years ago. American law enforcement was able to track him down via Facebook. I forget the exact circumstances but it had something to do with the investigating officer having coincidental "friends" on FB with the alleged perpetrator.
Wow. I take back everything I said about Facebook's latest interface violating Nielsen's famous 10 Usability Heuristics (…). By making logging out a complicated process, Facebook is in fact FIGHTING CRIME!