Now Playing on a Tucson


If you made this shit up no one would believe you.
Fucking hell.
Thanks for the copyranter link. He says it's been there quite a while, and is likely the idea of the radio station, not Limbaugh.

One of my favorite Top Gear episodes was when they came to America to buy piece of shit cars and drive them through the south. They noted with astonishment the bullet-ridden road signs. (That episode's "Lethal Car Decoration" challenge began with them lightheartedly painting pro-gay slogans on each others' cars, and ended by them being chased out of a small Alabama town by rock-pelting locals.)
Oh my fucking God.........

Thank you Clear Channel
Given how bullet holes are all over the billboard, id say he needs to go back to the firing range and train some more.
It does not seem as though he's really that straight a shooter. There's bullet holes all over that thing. Looks like he could barely hit the broad side of a billboard.
So someone go paint bullet holes all over the station's building.
Well, the original design had a picture of a bottle of Viagra and a round-trip ticket to the Dominican Republic, but it didn't test as well with the focus group.
OMG! A politically-incorrect metaphore!
Surveyor marks?
My prediction: the station will take it down, Rush will call them pussies for it.
It's obviously counter-trolling when the liberal media lampoons this stuff.

What needs to happen is for US Muslim radicals and their sympathizers to begin imitating the GOP/Fox/Palin rhetoric. In earnest, not as mockery. Muslims need to put up "Wanted" posters with the faces of Koran burners and Mohammed cartoonists, and maps with cross hairs and bullet holes targeting Malkin and Hitchens and Coulter and the rest of the anti-Islamic hysterics.

It's unfortunate, but that's they only way these wingnuts are going to wake up and realize what the problem is with their violent messaging.
Bill Maher, on Leno a few nights ago:

"If you love guns, just admit it -- like it's a vice,...It's like alcohol or drugs or sex addiction or gambling... It's not good for you or anyone else, but you like it."
I'd say it's shameful, but the man and his followers have shown themselves to be completely devoid of the capacity to feel shame.
A very odd choice on the part of the station, since, where I grew up, you generally only plastered signs you didn't LIKE with bullet holes...
@16, that's a very good point...
A few years ago, driving through southern Georgia, I saw a billboard that read, "Thank God for Rush Limbaugh". It was sandwiched between several other billboards for the various strip clubs in the area, each with an ethnic twist. (i.e., "like asian girls?, we got 'em!", etc.) The overt hypocrisy of the Bible Belt is always amazing.
I thought that was up in Spokane for a moment there...
#13 - Hitchens is no more anti-Islam than he is anti-Christian or anti-Hindu. His view is that all religions do more harm than good. Whatever you think of his views, he's certainly a much deeper and more serious thinker than Coulter or Malkin, and shouldn't be lumped in with those caricatures.
@4, Gloomy Gus: That's your favorite Top Gear episode because it's easily the BEST Top Gear episode. Clarkson still talks about that incident at the gas station as being the single most terrifying experience of his life. (I'm laughing just thinking about the CB stuff right now: "Brokeback, Brokeback, this is Murderer.")

Also, why is no one freaking out about this billboard?! It means Dan was right all along! The conservatives are ditching any subtlety and coming for the straight people too!
@4 and @22

That episode quickly took a turn for bummer when it showed the devastation of Katrina in New Orleans. I remember one of them asking how the rest of the US could sleep at night knowing people were living like this. Because they stopped showing footage.
"It does not seem as though he's really that straight a shooter."

That's the best an expert like Lintbomb can be expected to do when loaded up on enough Oxycontin to kill a mortal.