Some Seattle Principals Unhappy About Not Getting a Raise


I have a few friends who are unhappy about not having jobs :(.
Skip pay cuts. Tie their salaries to academic improvement.
The district is run by idiots.
I don't know about the principals' contract but, Riya, can you print the part in teachers' contract that connects teacher evaluations with student performance? Because you keep saying this over and over again and I don't know how many times you can be wrong without issuing a correction.

Teacher evaluations are based solely on observations. It's possible, though unlikely, that test scores may trigger more observations, but any evaluation is based on classroom observation, not test scores. It may seem like a subtle difference but it's important: SPS wanted teacher evals tied to test scores but, thanks to the union, they DIDN'T FUCKING GET IT.

I'm generally very sympathetic to union labor. But with 10%+ unemployment, and almost every other union in the city giving concessions in order to keep people from getting laid off when the city/county/state are all facing massive budget deficits, this seems like a really shitty time to be bitching about not getting a pay raise.
Fuck ted howard
"Market adjustments?"

Let's prices are crumbling, state budgets are shrinking, the unemployment rate is still high, deflation has set in, Gregoire has pretty much said the schools are so bad she has to take control of department of education....

What @1 and @5 said.
It's pretty depressing to find yourself agreeing with Supreme Ruler.
I'm sorry in advance. I understand that this is crazy but everyone in education should take a pay freeze instead of laying employees off.
@9 Yeah, he's not stupid, just deluded. Bailo occasionally does make a relevant point, but like my grandfather said, "Sun shines on a dog's ass once in a while."

At least he's not in Will in Seattles' non-sequitur fantasy world.

Not yet, anyway. Give him time.
@6 What is wrong with Ted Howard?
I did not know principals made in the six figures.

I fucking LOVE Will in Seattle! Its Fnarf that's a fucking dumbass, spouting shit off about things he should just shut up about.