Is SPD's Civilian Oversight Program Effective? Are Changes Being Made to Police Accountability? What's Broken and What's Working at SPD?


Oh good, another town hall forum that won't accomplish a damn thing..
Do you have any better ideas, LotTL?
This actually looks quite interesting. At least all sides are represented here.
@3 except for the victims of those pesky "activist judges" (SPD rank & file) ruling from the "bench" (streets). "Drunken First Nations? I rule death by shooting!"
Someone at this meeting should read out loud some of those guild articles that were posted earlier to help better define the police union's perspective on the population, city leaders and the oversight board.
Sadly, @1 for the Epic Fail for Seattle. Again. We never do learn.
That is one lovely poster.
@3, Really? Are there any Native Americans, Mexicans, or teenage African American girls? Is this panel representing all sides of the rich, white people demographic? For cryin' out loud, three of the seven people here work for the police department. Two more are city officials. I'm not usually very trolly, but this panel is a joke. It certainly seems designed to create an illusion of caring about a problem that the city has no intention of solving.
I like the idea of town halls; I just wish that they would lead to some action.

So here's the score: Seattle Process 1 and Problems Being Solved 0.
I think this will be quite successful, as long as everyone agrees to apologize for the people getting in the way of the SPD's fists, boots & bullets.
They have to start somewhere...
@11, the problem is they keep starting and starting. It just would be nice if they would GO somewhere.
Isn't this all, in-part, the Smoke and Mirros, Passive and Agressive Double Talk regaring Seattle's getting things accomplished.