County Health Dept. Lays Off 123 Employees


"Help decrease the surplus population" should've been the anti income taxers slogan. Disgusting.
Uhhh ... it would be terrible if 123 people who help poor, pregnant women (and poor mothers) were laid off. But, something doesn't seem right here. I feel like the county is using this as a political bargaining chip. Press releases are only issued when something needs to be gained/bragged about ...
Slim Charles @2, the layoff notices we received today are quite real, and unless I can land a job offer somewhere in the next six weeks, I expect to be unemployed again come March 1st.
@2: "Press releases are only issued when something needs to be gained/bragged about ..."

Sure thing. Over a hundred layoffs and a fifty percent budget cut couldn't possibly be newsworthy all on their own.
Slim Charles, my partner was at the health clinic today when everyone got the layoff notices. It's quite real. So was the notice he got that a very expensive life-saving drug that he receives through Washington State Community Health Plan will no longer be covered and he has to re-apply under a different program that has a waiting list of thousands.Does that sound like a political bargaining chip? To my partner is quite literally life and death. Keep that in mind the next time you feel the urge to say something else that's equally ignorant.
Dire as these cuts are, it should be noted that earlier drafts of the state budget called for eliminating Maternity Support Services outright.
It was just a thought. I've seen mayors use layoff notices to leverage concessions from unions. I wasn't saying that the layoff notices are not "real."