Got a Question for Candidates in a Race of National Importance?


Debatin' On The Ceiling!
You glued him to the celing!
Question: What value do you put on the efforts to register students at the UW and other colleges/universities within the district? How would you seek to involve the hundreds of newly registered voters who are likely to be Democrats?
How seriously do you take marijuana legalization efforts?
We've coaxed them off the ceiling with the promise of martinis and peanuts.
Do you support the deep bore tunnel? Do you support Seattle paying for cost overruns?

To Michael: Do you believe "T" should be taken out of LGBT per your online post? Do you believe transgender people are "mentally ill" as stated in your online post?
Could Michael be any more adorable, or Will any less?

I would like them each to answer this question. Thank you.
What do you think of Hans Dunshee's plan to split each legislative district into two separate House districts? Would this be beneficial t the 43rd?
Do you believe moderate Democrats (aka roadkill dems) belong in the caucus?
Boxers or Briefs?
If Mike smiled any harder his brain would hemorrhage.
but seriously, that stained glass is amazing! stranger offices? buyer here if you want to "update"!
Will...what is your strategy for battling the all important issue of Michael's nail-bitingly hot homosexuality?
Question for Will:

Will you please just stop it?

Follow up:

If not, what would it take to get you to stop it?
I'd like to ask mike if the black fog creeping up from his sleeves onto his hands is body hair, and if so, does he shave or wax?

In one word, choose: iPad, Kindle, or Nook, and explain in 10 words or less the philosophy behind your decision.
Michael: if you were a flavor of ice cream which would it be? Follow-up: may I drizzle chocolate sauce all over your hot naked body? Call me. <3
nice shirt, is it time for ze time on sprockets ver ve danze?
Dom, I would like you to ask a question in French and see if Will can answer it. He claims to be fluent.

This a critical issue for our time.
To both candidates: Which is the more appropriate response to someone wearing a turtleneck, mockery or physical assault?
@20 What if it is a mock-turtleneck?
Answer #7's question, dammit! Enquiring minds need to know!
Hubba-hubba vs blubba-bubba? No contest.

You're right, that's shallow and looksist. OK, how about: one candidate has a brain and the other is Will in Seattle.
@20, I'm wearing a turtleneck as I type this, and I wore a mock turtle on Tuesday. Don't make me take Will's side.
I'm sorry gentlemen, the correct answer was "boxer briefs."
@19 & 20, they call it a mock turtleneck because if you wear one, I will mock you.

Seriously, a mock turtleneck has a shorter neck, so it can't be folded over. And more seriously, I will mock you if you wear one.
Just because this is a race of National importance, I'll personally answer as many of these that didn't get asked as possible!

@6 - I do not support the City paying for any cost overruns. State highways are to be paid for by the state. Period.

@7 - I'm 29. It's all downhill from here.

@8 - I am opposed. The benefit of having the LD's as they currently are is that citizens have access to elected officials who sit on a wide array of committees. While how they vote on the floor is very important, the crafting of bills in committee is the best place to make changes. Giving people less representation, while giving legislators fewer people to report to, is not something I support.

@9 - Yes.

@11 - It actually did a little bit.

@15 - That's hair. And no, I do not shave or wax my hands/arms.

@16 - If I had to choose, I would go for iPad. More versatile, and increases ability to access information.

@17 - Probably Rocky Road. For the follow-up...maybe?

@20 - Mockery. Although I would prefer neither. Physical assault is never an appropriate response.

Couldn't remember if they were red or blue.
Just a point before Fnarf writes it in his wiki - we were promised neither martinis nor peanuts, even though both would have been appreciated.
I would back Will if I had a vote. I'm afraid if he loses it will give him even more time to spew his inane comments here.
I wonder how many of these oh-so-important, oh-so-deep questions were posed by potential voters in next Tuesday's election.

My guess -- zero.
Note that I didn't couch my remark in the form of a question. If I had, the correct response @31 would have been one.
@24: Truth be told, I'm wearing a mock turtleneck right now, although it's more of an Underrmor athletic layer than your classic turtleneck.
@27 You don't shave your hands or arms...what about the rest?
Unfortunately my ability to answer any more questions in a timely manner will be hampered due to preparation for tonight's vigil. I do hope to see many of you there, as we stand united with the victims of the horrific events in Tucsan.
@3 technically, most of the UW student dems tend to vote in their home districts, since their votes there matter more than here. And, as a group, they've been pretty good at getting students to register to vote, which is far more crucial to countywide, statewide, and national races. Where the district comes in is doorbelling precincts that may have students, to remind them to vote. But, again, the UW students are more effective at that.

@31 um, aren't you an elected PCO and thus one of the few who can vote?
@16 - ruageek?

droid for techies, iPad for cognescenti, and Kindles for cheapskates.
@35 Tuscan food is great.

But you should show up at 7:30 pm at Westlake Mall for the Candlelight Vigil for those slaughtered in Tucson too.
@36 Yes, Will, you know full well that I'm an elected PCO. But, as noted @32, I didn't ask a question.

Reading comprehension, man!!
oh come on, we're all anonymous here.
how the dick does someone not know the difference between boxers and briefs?
What @41 said, or was Will just making the interviewer explain underwear in some sort of moment of irony?
Why do you refer to one of them as their full name and the other as their Slog name?
@34 - only one way to find out.
at Macy's, they had a whole selection to buy at sale - long briefs (kind of mid-thigh), short boxers, long boxers ... and I think michaelp said "tighty whities" actually ... couldn't remember if i had red tartan boxers (short) or blue tartan boxers (mid), so i peeked at the waistband.