Good Afternoon, Television!


OK, it's official, TV is dead.
Wait... so did her boobies get bigger over the last ten years or are they fake?
I think it was when she grew into her body and realized she didn't want to uphold the incredibly skinny standard anymore. She's pretty busty in that pic for how little she was.
Oh beautiful Yo-Saf-Bridge, my heart t'will always be yours.
It's "DioGuardi" not "DioGuardia". Can't tell if your mispelling was on purpose or not.
Well @1, the BBC still has some smashing good shows on. Being Human is good, the reboot of Doctor Who is witty, Top Gear is pretty entertaining....
@6 the American remake or the original UK versions?

I liked the drive test when they went up the volcano in Iceland, mind you.
The original UK versions; I mean Russell Tovey is adorable!!!
Sorry, she needed a plastic surgeon for a split lip? Give me a break.
@2: I hate to admit that I know this, but she has openly stated that she got a boob job. Good lord, does she know how to deploy 'em.
@10, I have never heard that. In fact the quotes from her that I have seen say that she hasn't. You got a source on that?
As for this photo, this was right before Firefly and she was definitely slightly smaller there, but then I think she just had still a little to grow (she was only 24 in 1999.) Also, starving early actress vs steady job. Lots of people on TV go through a change like this. She has always been curvy tho (see her naked scene in Firefly), the change from now to 11 years ago is no surprise.
Christiana Hendricks is the most beautiful woman who has ever lived, and I will happily murder anyone who disagrees.

I would do horrible, godless things to that woman. Things that, were they to be spoken aloud, would damn anyone who heard them for all eternity.
love, Love, LOVE the fact that they did a 34 piece photo essay of Martha's lip!
Christina has openly talked about growing into her body and her figure becoming fuller and more voluptuous, including her boobies. She's about 35 pounds heavier than she was in that photo...and has the body of a freakin' GODDESS.