Parking Rates Increase in Nine Neighborhoods; Meters Extend Until 8:00 p.m. in Eight Neighborhoods


So long as they don't cut transit service in these neighborhoods during those hours, I'm ok with this.
Great. Now I'll have to move my car two hours after I get home. Wish I could do without a car. Now I'll be forced to pump more carbon into the air at 8 o'clock M-F. :(
What if this fails? many people avoid different cities because of the transportation costs.
@3 where? in Tunisia?

we've heard about how people would start shopping on the Eastside, but actual numbers don't support that - it's a long drive and the money spent on gas and the time driving there usually makes it more expensive to do that than to pay for parking ... if you need a car that is. Or use local parking garages or business provided parking.
Ride a bike.
we need more free bikes with paniers or baskets, Gurldoggie.
Where the heck is Uptown?
@3: Well, if this leads to less net revenue than the current system, I imagine it might be reversed.

But as long as parking stays at near-capacity, my guess is that any shift in demographics towards people who don't notice/care about a few bucks for parking will be positive for local businesses as well as increasing public revenue.
If the city knew what it's doing, it would charge for parking in Uptown ONLY at night. Not nearly as many people pay for parking on Queen Anne/Roy/Mercer during the day as park for free a couple blocks to the west/north/south.
@7 South Queen Anne. To the west of Seattle Center.
uh, doesn't that mean they'll have to hire more parking cops?

yay! jobs!
I think this turned out to be disastrous for businesses when they did it in Oakland, CA last year.
I take the bus or ride my bike to work downtown from West Seattle every day, but I drive to shop and when I go out at night. I already (mostly) where there's free parking available. The extension of pay parking on the street will definitely curtail my evenings out. Effectively, if you want to go out to eat and to a show you can't park on the street. Find a lot, take the bus (and the bus home after the show; yuck!), or stay home. I'll still go to shows but not as many if its going to cost another $10.00-$15.00 to park.