Constantine Stands By Political Bus Ad Ban


Allow the "Isreali war crimes" ad, allow the "Palestinian war crimes" ad, and allow an ad which shows mugshots of all the urban terrorists who have randomly attacked passangers on metro- such as those who attacked and robbed a pregnant woman, verbally abused then physically attacked elderly disabled man, started punching a blind woman, etc
The idea that this decision "has nothing to do with the content of the ads" and "has always been [about] the potential disruption to service" is ABSURD. Surely any disruption to service that relates to the Israeli-war-crimes ad or any other political ad would have to do entirely with the content of the ads! The disruption would relate to peoples' reaction to the content!

(Unless Constantine's office is suggesting that political ads would potentially disrupt service in some other way unrelated to their content--maybe political ads are printed on some kind of toxic paper that makes buses go slower, while commercial ads are printed on normal paper? I dunno.)
I can't wait until the ACLU makes you eat your own bullshit, Mr. Constantine.
Constantine is becoming an embarassment. Let's ask Hutchison where she stands.
Perhaps there will be "suicide bombers" who will blow up buses if some perceive that their ads are not posted, or that ads denouncing "Palestinian War Crimes" are posted! The Israelis have had some experience with this although their buses were blown up for reasons unrelated to transit advertising policy!

Mr. Constantine has a legitimate interest in protecting the safety of those whom ride King County Transit and if ads which inflame passions and promote bigotry endanger the safety of transit users, he is right to put the safety of riders above advertising policy.