City Hits Back Against Yellow Pages Companies in Federal Court


First it was war. Now they're hitting back.

Good thing nobody brought a folding knife to a gun fight.
Oh right. It's not a violation of the First Amendment to keep unsolicited paper off people's doorsteps? And then you're going to tell me that I can't peaceably assemble other people against their will? Nor can I put their names down on my petition? And I suppose it's not a violation of the Second Amendment to keep unsolicited bullets out of other people's bodies?

I'm pretty sure Justice Anton Scalia is going to beg to differ with you people.
Another paper domino falls flat on it's face.
I have yet to hear the YPA explain how the First Amendment gives them a constitutionally protected right to dump unwanted garbage on my doorstep.

* crickets chirping *
@2, you have a right to speak, not to be heard. Private property is not your podium.
Jesus, just pass an ordinance making it illegal to drop off any unsolicited materials on privately owned property without prior consent. Your first amendment rights end at my property line. What is so difficult about this? Yes, this will fuck other services--but again, MY property line. Make it an equal criminal penalty to dumping and we're done.

Oh. Thanks.

What about the part about the bullets?