Parking Commission Would Study Rate Hikes and Give City Advice


so, the guy is "not one to give in" - and wants to appoint a powerless panel to review and kibbitz on raising parking rates a buck or two.

but he won't read the environmental impact statement for a multi-billion dollar tunnel in order to debate the merits in a timely manner. and he won't step up to deal with the traffic impacts the tunnel would cause because the city has 5 years to do that.

he does not strike me as a very serious man.
Are you kidding me? Rasmussen is meeting and listening to BAR owners who want more cheap city-funded parking? He seriously thinks we should be cutting safety and human services in order to subsidize drunk drivers?

Please, someone progressive run against Rasmussen.
talk talk talk talk talk talk

STFU and get something done. I don't like parking rates going up, or the hours of paid parking increasing. But it does not take six months to a year to do it once you've decided to do it.
What @3 said.

Lots of talk. No action.