You Decide if it's Funny!


That would have been really sick if it had been a puppy. And I'm thinking those laughing communists might like one of these buttons:…
Yeah...I was expecting more from Portlandia. Not too much more, but something. The hide and seek sketch was by far the best.
This should be a new show on FOX... When animals attack!.. other animals!

(@2 come on man, you can think of something more useful for your QR Code to say!)
@3 What else should it say?
I can't bear to watch. Is the cat OK?
@5 Duh, of course it is! As a spawn of Satan, it's only used one of its nine lives...
@5 the cat got away with a big scare and maybe some bruising. The damage to the reputation of the two supreme assholes laughing about it is hopefully irreparable. If you're particularly sensitive, I'd still stay away from the vid.

SOomene call 4CHAN!!!
@8: I have to say, for something as uncaring and soulless as /b/ clearly is, it sure is big on defending cats. And by defending cats, I mean ruining the lives of people who abuse cats. Which is fine too.
I'm disappointed to hear that Portlandia was a dud. No, wait, I'm not disappointed, because the chances of Portland becoming the next trendy place in the US have leveled out.

Is it weird that I like cats yet still thought this was funny? Do I feel this way because I know the cat wasn't hurt.

But it's not funny if the guys laughing in the video put the cat there.
My previous comment reminded me that I should post this requisite bit:

The horse aggravates a cat by holding it by the scruff, and finally drops the poor thing. The horse is fine. A cat is fine too.
Oh, wait. I thought "Portlandia" was that "the 90s are alive in Portland" song, which was not even remotely funny.
Every once in a while I feel bad that I don't feel worse about abuse of cats.

Then I remember: fuckin' cats.
5. Watch with the sound off. There are several long, tense seconds where a horse flings a cat back and forth by it's scruff. I suspect they were frenemies; I've seen affectionate/irritated relationships a few times between cats and horses. I felt bad for the cat, but it seemed no worse for the wear as it scampered off.