Dorn to Testify That Governor's Proposed Cuts Will Lead to Overcrowded Classrooms


"This can't be good news for the Seattle school district, which is already suffering from overcrowded classrooms."

THat is the most disingenuous bullshit you've written so far. Over crowding at Garfield was caused by the boundaries being placed incorrectly. Move them north for Garfield, Cleveland and Rainier and the problem is solved. Rainier HS is hugely under-enrolled (funny how you NEVER fucking write about that). I suggest sending the kids of the most ardent, anti-reform, left wing, parents there. Let them put their kids where their mouths are........oh wait, that won't happen in a million years.

Instead of Hall Passes, issue Tunnel Passes to allow students to alleviate overcrowded classrooms by wandering through the DBT.