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I'm waiting for the Mudede post about banning Salvia. Clearly, it's as responsible for the shooting as guns were.
Our rain is really God's tears over the Hawks.


Really? Really????
@3: And our wind is God cheering the Bears on. BEAR DOWN.
Reagan's doctor maintains he didn't have Alzheimer’s while in office and this "debate" has been going on for decades. Still there were those "senior moments" and incidents. Suffice it to say that the onset of dementia was occurring while he was in office. It really doesn't matter @1. Those that hate Reagan will not change their opinions except it might elevate their wrath of him, and Republicans and conservatives will still revere him.
Certainty he was not as sick as Wilson in his final years or in pain as much as JFK. It will be interesting to hear what Nancy has to say, as one would expect that she is not too pleased for her son to reopen this unpleasantness.
Religious fundamentalism = dead babies. This is something the pro-choice side needs to scream from the rooftops. We can be just as hysterical and fear-mongering as they are if we try. It's true in the West when lack of access to family planning/sex ed means more unwanted pregnancies (and means more dead women when there isn't access to safe abortions), it's true in the East when shit like this happens.

On the other hand, I guess "our policies mean less dead babies than yours" is still on the defensive and still means there's dead babies, so maybe the message needs tweaking.

(I got seriously, not-joking-ly, actually accused of eating babies ... because I'm an atheist. Or at least of wishing I could eat babies, which apparently has something to do with abortion laws.)
Also, I need to stop reading/thinking about the news before I eat breakfast, because now I feel kinda sick ...

Welcome to the club! :) I get accused of being a racist, sexist, rapist who only wishes for the doom and death of America. All for being a Democrat and making the mistake of talking to a Fuax News viewer.

Clinton had Alzheimer's .. he forgot that a bj is sex.
"Pudding num num." -- Ronald Wilson Reagan
That all yous got?????
sadly, SROTU, we were hoping for more.
@6 First you'll have to convince them that zygotes and other similiar brainless collections of cells aren't actually babies deserving of full legal protection, else they'll just reply that promoting access to abortions makes for more dead babies. And that's a pretty hard argument to win since it seems that most fundies believe souls to be created at conception. So you have to make them question of the whole ridiculous "soul" notion before you can even start talking about the same thing. Fuck, it’s annoying.
@14: Emile Durkheim made an excellent point that the soul is nothing more than a projection of society's group consciousness onto the individual. By his reasoning, souls are created when the child first is influenced by society.
Oh, the things I learn in SOSC.
I remember laughing hard enough to produce tears when I first saw that Muppets clip as a kid!