Sebelius and Gregoire Speak Out Against Health Care Repeal Efforts


I don't really get why Gregoire's focusing on seniors--whatever happens to Medicare reimbursements to doctors (and whether they accept new patients or not) will likely happen completely separate from the HCR legislation itself. Is she alarming them unnecessarily because she thinks the younger generation isn't paying enough attention to be worth talking to? (She may be right about that.)
"Alexandria School District 206 is trying to cope with the unexpected death of an 18-year-old student.

Lance Lundsten, a senior at Jefferson High School, died Saturday.

According to preliminary autopsy results that were shared with the family, he died from cardiac edema, a condition caused by an enlarged heart."
Like Rand Paul's "budget," the repeal effort is just grandstanding to fire up the base. The Dems for their part are seizing the opportunity to portray their opponents as terrifying, heartless obstructionists.

This has everything to do with controlling the narrative, nothing to do with legislating actual policy.
Dear Washington State Working Class,

Only losers don't pay cash for health care. Only losers need help from the state for anything. It's overpriced you say, well cry me a river. Losers should be happy to be paid at all by us winners for anything. Fuck you losers, we're keeping our fucking tax cut. Have a heart you say? Hearts are muscles that pump blood, idiots. We're keeping our fucking money, and you can die from an infected wisdom tooth in the street, every last fucking one of you.

-The Republican Party of Washington State
Across the country, more than a million young adults would lose the coverage they can now get through their parents health care plans.

I'm sure that formulation appeals to the Stranger demographic. But here is a perfectly equivilent formulation will perhaps less mass appeal: Hey, all you non-college students! Obamacare is forcing you to pay increased insurance rates in order to subsidize coverage for other people's kids who are partying a lot and not studying much.

I don't know a single Republican who would say the above #4 and I'm very Liberal. You are obviously not a Republican. Republicans don't necessarily want people to die, they just don't want to pay for anyone else but themselves.
Yes, why couldn't Gregoire have done this better? Honestly, she can't win for losing any more.
@6, jaansdornea,

A quote from Rand Paul (about eliminating the Food and Drug Administration):

“The market will correct itself. After the first few people die, others will realize what is going on and stop buying their product.”
-Rand Paul talking to radio personality Thom Hartmann

He doesn't say he wants people to die, no, but he sure doesn't seem to care if they do.