Government Takes Jackass Teabaggy Comic Book Retailer's Guns Away


So a tasteless comment is grounds for a search warrant?
Douchebags should still have rights.
The only people that win here are the fundraising arm of the NRA.
It is in Boston, at least where guns are concerned. They don't consider that to be a "right." We're working on it.
Trying to think of a witty Simpsons Comic Book guy quote.
If you read the follow up posts on his blog, he talks quite openly about how he believes that assassination of Democrats is as moral as shooting Hitler before the WWII would have been. I don't think that anything on there would likely qualify as a threat, but I could see wanting to interview him to determine whether he's a danger.
His blog's been taken down. Otherwise I would have offered some quotes.
@2 My wife's family is from MA, and they own few weapons. I've been shooting there a few times when I was in college and when we visit them. And while the firearm laws there can make buying and owning firearms as much fun as a root canal, they do have a relatively low level of firearm related crime. Maybe treating something so dangerous as privilege rather than a right is good idea? *shrug* I just own a bolt action for target shooting, so it's hard for me to get worked up over it.
@4 Either he hates all of Congress (a position he would share with 70% of the country) or he just hates Democrats and can't do math.
They've confiscated his surrogate penises? But now, how will he swagger with the proper braggadocio? How will he appear sufficiently intimidating when he enthuses about killing politicians? He'll be blogging at minus 2. This is pure, dastardly blogging krytponite. They can't do this!

All Punisher posters should be flown at half mast in his honor.
LOL Awesome!
Good. Unstable men who are so socially inept that they threaten fellow Americans with violence don't deserve the right to bear arms.