Did Will in Seattle's Turtleneck Sweater Win Last Night?


I think michaelp oughta do a victory lap, waving Will's turtleneck like a captured flag.
Let's hope he pays attention to his constituents more than his blackberry.

In the few minutes of interview, I found him condescending and obnoxious.

Also, pro-tunnel? Pro-Mallahan? Whaaaaa?
So that settles it, the tunnel is going forward.
Does this mean we can expect more comments from WiS, since he now has more time on his hands?
Dear God, I hope not.
This landslide was a career-ender. McGovern... Mondale... Will in Seattle.
Ivan Weiss weighed in on this race after the results:

"Yay! The 43rd needed a newer, fresher brand of bullshit! };->"
My vote for michaelp was a vote for change... in sweaters!
Makes sense, since one requirement of the position is being able to get away with horizontal stripes now and then.
This is just more of those internet lies that are keeping Will down. In his mind, he won, and that's where it counts.
Darn! Guess this proves there is a God.
@1 - no no no, that would be rude.

@2 - We can only hope. Of course, most folks communicate with me via email, so perhaps I should continue to pay attention to the phone? As for the rest - true, true, yes, yes, and exactly.

@3 - Considering I was clearly recruited by pro-tunnel forces, yes.

@4 - Will?

@6 - Doug = Awesome.

@8 - YAY! It was a cute sweater last night, right? Funny story of how I came to be in possession of that one!

@9 - did you just call me fat?

@10 - since the official tally was 31-15, and the reported was 30-15, perhaps there will be a re-vote?

@11 - Nope. Proves that contact with PCO's, and working for it - those old fashioned methods I talked about - win every time.
@12, no, I'm saying you won because you can pull off horizontal stripes, while Will never ever could.

I would never call you fat, Mr. Hairy Hands.
*snickers like a schoolkid* @ gus!!
*phew*. But damn the hands!!! Proof, however, that we evolved from apes. Shazaam!!!

But maybe I should take the Silk'n to the hands, next...*tee hee*
Technically, I lost by about the same vote count as the incumbent Chair did.

But my turtleneck won by a landslide!
If I was a Democrat, I'd have voted for Maddux purely because of his adorable (and superbly well-behaved) daughter.
@16 - if we're going to get hyper-technical - the previous Chair was not running, having served two terms. The First Vice Chair and the Vice Chair for PCO Recruitment (I know, people, you don't have to tell me) were both running for Chair. One won, one didn't. The new Chair won 30-14, I won 31-15, so that part is correct. Technically.

@17 - she is the awesomest, ever!!!