Lance Lundsten: Cause of Death Still Undetermined


Do we know anything about his parents? Were they accepting, or were they fire & brimstone types? If they were super-xtians, they may not have acknowledged him as he was, nor would they want his death considered a suicide, given the "don't go to heaven" thing. Just a thought, about a very sad story.
Could the parents, specifically the father, just be in denial? Then again perhaps it really was natural causes.

Either way you can't take away the fact that he was repeatedly bullied.

Does it only become tragic when a life is lost? If it's found to be natural causes do we all just shrug and forget?
hmm, unregistered commenter? where are you?
I wondered that too, Canuck. That the dad took the trouble to phone a tv news crew to report what a coroner supposedly told him, only to have the coroner say different this morning...well, it could be wishful thinking, denial, grief, or whiskey talking.

But one thing is for sure. The Alexandria Echo Press reported that Lance lived with his grandparents. Not his parents. My spidey sense is tingling.
A friend of mine died from an undiagnosed heart condition. Well, it got diagnosed as she was dying on the operating table. Just saying that sudden and shocking death happens, even to young people.

Bullying is horrible and if it contributed to this young man's death in any way, the bulliers should be identified and punished and the school administrators ought to be fired and de-certified so they don't hold a job in education anywhere, ever.

I am getting sick of this shit.
Oh gus, poor, poor kid. Completely unreasonable, but it makes me just want to gather up these sweethearts and feed them cookies and let them do their schooling online in my kitchen...sigh.

And yep, I think you're onto something. If our suspicions are correct, one would hope this might provoke some soul searching, but as Goldy said of Sarah Palin, to do that would require a soul in the first place.
@3 Probably back in remedial math where he belongs. Then detention.
Either way the 'Perez Hilton' watermark on that picture strikes me as totally fucking tacky. I'm sure it's automatic or something, but seriously fucking tacky nonetheless. Worried that someone's going to 'steal' that picture of a dead kid?
Hey i got an idea..... We could let this family grieve their son in the way they feel best and You can go on with your life not giving a damn whether he was bullied, gay, had an enlarged heart, or whatever the hell else you suddenly find so interesting about this sad situation. I mean why does Dan need another martyr to validate his youtube channel?
@6, not "unreasonable," just "logistically/legally impossible." Your wish is eminently reasonable.
@9 yeah, we probably shouldn't let the press cover murders either, or wars or natural disasters. better to just let the families grieve.

we care about this kid's death because he was a gay kid who was bullied, which may or may not have directly caused his death. some of us were in the same situation and made it through. we want to help others make it through too. also, go fuck yourself you cynical prick.
True, rob! Wouldn't it be great, though, if there were a grassroots network of safe homes?

Oh! I'd love to sign up to be a home for kids who need a safe place as they're coming out. I've done it for a few young women in their twenties who were still living at home, but I'd love to just be known in my neighbourhood as the safe place you can go and talk.
Yeah, Canadian Nurse, like a block parent sign in the window...seriously. Even, as you say, just as someone to hang out with, to not feel so alone...
@9: Generally when something happens like this, the bereaved family voices support for making sure that such incidents stop. And, as they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant. If it turns out he was bullied to death, the best way to stop others from suffering that fate is to get the word out.
@12/13, underground railroad. If only. It's possible for legal adults (and god love ya, CN, for the good you have done). Imagine the suspicion and potential per/pro-secution of anybody attempting such for someone under 18, expecially an out gay. Foster parenting through normal legal channels, in jurisdictions that don't look askance at single parents, is the best option--but plenty of kids are not in the "system" and are in desperate circumstances.
And Canuck, your counseling work has certainly saved lives. You must know that.
@11 this is not a murder or a war. it is the loss of someones son. If the father wants to be deluded let him. He just lost probably the most precious thing in his life and probably could do without harpies on the internet spreading conjecture about somebody they truly could care less about.
Hey rob!, hadn't checked back til now. Well, I don't know if I'd go that far, although nothing would make me happier, but man, I'd like to keep doing stuff that will make a difference, either to the kids, or the bigots.
I know it's pointless to point this out to you, troll djh @18, but this is a discussion forum. We can talk about whatever we want within reason (though we appreciate having Dan give us fodder for conversation). So go screw. And in case you hadn't noticed it, this is a group of mostly sympathetic, fair-minded people. Even on the very slim chance that Lance Lundsten's father (or any other relative) is reading these threads, he'd find very little judgment or negativity to darken his day further. Except, that is, what's coming from trolls like you.
Well aren't you the precious naive credulous asskisser...

Dan is exploiting this tragedy to advance his own agenda.

He doesn't give a shit about Lance Lundsten or his family.

No more than he gives a shit about the children in "Every Child Deserves.." or any of the other abused children whose sufferings he ghoulishly revels in.

They are just fodder in Dan's war on religion.
@21: Your tinfoil hat seems to be cutting off circulation. I suggest loosening it a bit.