Today the Legislature Will Learn How Limited Service Pregnancy Centers are Endangering Women's Health


I would also require that the operators suddenly swerve their cars whenever presented with the danger of crashing into an acorn.
I would hope that by "disclose," you mean "has to be part of the signage." Disclose is a pretty nebulous term, it could be that these centres only have to tell women when a stressful situation, not every woman would remember to ask up front what services are provided. They should be have to say on the outside of the building "No birth control or abortion referrals. Pro-life counseling only."
Who will speak for the 400,000 American women killed every year by abortionists?

Does Elaine care about their health?
Thanks for the reminder... PP donation check going in the mail today!
Wait, so what do they do regarding not keeping health information private?

I just started working in a medical records dept and had to have hella HIPPA training. It's serious business. What gives?
@5 - i'm not an expert, but i'm pretty sure it's because they're not licensed medical care centers, so they don't fall into the category of providers that are required to adhere to HIPAA.
@3 Abortionists? Seriously?

Yeah, its horrible that women's bodies aren't controlled directly by the State for Jesus, isn't it.
@5: This bill will close that loophole. Write to your legislators today to demand that they support it. Go here to find your legislator. Your two representatives and state senator will come right up, so click on one of their names and you'll be sent to their home page. Then you can click on the "email" button, and you'll be given an option to send a copy of the email to the other two legislators.

They need to hear from all of us that this is important.
Do these places conduct pelvic exams?

Because if they do, and there's no licensed doctor or nurse, then isn't there grounds for sexual assault charges?
I hope this bill passes. I hope that the abortion language doesn't hold it up. All of the protections in this proposal are equally important.
@3, Can you give us a reliable source for that statistic because I'm skeptical. It sounds like a made up propaganda number.
Our local conservatives are already up in arms over this, apparently:…
yeah, well, that would be scary.

good thing these women have complete control of their own bodies...

now if they could just figure out how that damn baby they're so eager to kill got in there....

yeah, great idea.

sort of like the way you sexually assault yourself every time you wipe your ass

let us help you out.

there are 800,000 abortions in the usa annually.
have of those slaughtered people are female.
800,000 divided by 2 is about 400,000.

I want to see statutory damages for the harm they inflict upon already desperate women.

Holding people accountable for the harm their speech causes does not contradict the first amendment.

lucky for you.

otherwise you might have to sue yourself for the stupidassed shit you vomit out your piehole.
@12 What a wasteland of hate (the link), ugh. Nice fight though.
I put up these two links on Friday in comments to Cienna's post. Each appears to list more than 60 "pregnancy centers" of this type in Washington state:……
@15: I don't even know where to begin, but this is as good a place as any to start:
"800,000 divided by 2 is about 400,000."
No, 800,000 divided by 2 is EXACTLY 400,000, not "about 400,000", you semi-literate twit.
And now I'll just greentext the rest.
>slaughtered people
Really, bitch? By which basis are embryos people?

In before shitstorm.
TVDinner: Thanks much for the link. That made it really easy to send feedback--more support than a call-to-action, since my two reps are sponsors of the bill. Still.

Interesting question, junior.

In some Asian nations boys are born as much as 20% more often than girls. As a result there are tens of millions of 'missing' young women in those countries.

Sex-selection abortion is credited with the difference.

But that seems impossible-
something clearly is happening to female humans,
but what possible connection could there be
between the destruction of
a few undifferentiated cells,
a pseudo-tumor,
a clump of matter no more signifcant that toenail clippings;
what connection could there possibly be
between this
and tens of millions of missing Women?

Does Planned Parrenthood, in addition to caring about matters that endanger women's health, also care about Tens of Millions of Missing Women?

Perhaps Elaine could look into why/how Tens of Millions of Women have gone missing.....
See? Acorns are oak trees, and should be treated as exactly the same.
Not only do they endanger women's health, they also increase the burden on all of society.

A typical pregnancy costs more than $10,000 in total costs to the system. If you're wondering one of the drivers of cost escalation, it's uninsured women giving birth, or underinsured women giving birth.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Oh, and grats to Yoonha on her new baby boy - he is ever so cute!

If those female fetuses hadn't been aborted, then the resulting babies would have been abandoned or killed. But, as usual, you pro-"life" fucks think life ends at birth.
@22:Oh Period Troll, as if any one here believes that you give a rat's patooty about the welfare of women! But wait! Perhaps I rush to judgment! After all, now that you support marriage equality, it makes sense that you've come to abandon misogyny as well. So on your way to get Dan and Terry's anniversary gift, don't forget to mail those checks to Planned Parenthood and the National Organization of Women. Welcome aboard Period Troll!
(PS Still with the "Junior"?)
@15 There could be a lot fewer than 800,000 abortions a year in the U.S. if these "crisis pregnancy centers" would actually offer comprehensive birth control. Planned Parenthood has prevented more abortions than any other organization on the entire planet. Maybe you should consider joining...
@22 It's ironic that you bring up the 200 million missing women worldwide. Stripping reproductive choice, forcing women to carry pregnancies, and treating female bodies as slaves to fetuses is the very idea that leads to women being treated as disposable. If we have no autonomy over our own bodies, why would anyone else respect our bodies?


if only....
@29: It's funny that you say that, as your entire argument against a woman's right to rule over her uterus is based on what a mindless clump of cells "could'uv" or "would'uv" become "if only" they hadn't been terminated.
ah- our tedious clueless slow learner......

@27 " There could'uv been a lot fewer than 800,000 abortions a year in the U.S. if these "crisis pregnancy centers" would actually ...blah...blah..."

@25-"If only those female fetuses hadn't been aborted, then the resulting babies...blah....blah..."
@31: Read what I posted previously and get back to me. (PROTIP: your arguments are based entirely on "could'uv", "would'uv", and "if only", so it is the pinnacle of hypocrisy to attempt to call anyone else out on using such reasoning.)