Texas Is a Welfare Queen


I still can't fucking believe both Rick Perry and Jan Brewer got re-elected in their respective states.

Perry is corrupt and a weasel, and Brewer is a moron who has no clue what the hell she's doing. And all of that is obvious to everyone in both states. My mother lives in AZ and votes republican and even she admits Brewer is clueless.
This just fails to surprise me anymore. A republican politician speaking out against the federal government while simultaneously cashing their checks? Shocking!
Well, if the federal gubmint is propping up Texas, than the federal gubmint really IS fucked up.
this matters naught to the brain dead rubes in texas &/or the united states. watch Perry get elected POTUS.

This information would be enough to send a Perry presidential bid screaming to the ground in flames, if only the Democrats could be relied upon to use it properly and make sure everyone knew it and knew exactly what it meant.

But they won't.
@4 Texas has a lot of wind energy and high tech development - them's federal funds, y'all.
Color me not shocked...ugh.
Not content to merely bite the hand that feeds him; he eats it.
this is generally the rule, not the exception ... I’m w/ #3 an am no longer surprised by the hypocrisy

In the end would it really matter if the Dems spewed these "facts" onto every broadcast and cable tv channel between now and 2012? As @1 points out, the people who support political hacks like Perry aren't interested in wishy-washy librul nonsense like "facts" or "truth"; they're only interested in what they believe is a fact or truth, regardless of its bearing on actual circumstances.
you libs just love to take it in the ass, don't you...

Texas punks you AND makes you its bitch and then
you post and whine about it.


have a little pride....
@11 Idiots still eat up spin, the Dems just need to learn how to spin facts like the Repubs spin lies.

You're right! Republican voters are clearly not human. They're bizarro pod-people. Better give up now and go hide somewhere and be absolutely quiet so they don't inject you with paralyzing venom and lay their irrational eggs in your chest cavity.
I've said all along that it was a bad idea to annex any part of Texas except Austin.