Latest in Smithsonian Censorship Flap


Talk is cheap, as they say.

Speaking of 30+ year regimes that have hung around for too long...
So would the Smithsonian use taxpayer dollars to fund a "controversial" exhibit on evolution that proves how people who evolved in cold weather climates (whites and yellows) are on average vastly superior in intelligence to that of people who evolved in warm weather climates (blacks and browns)? Or would they have an exhibit that shows how roughly 97% of the contributions to math and science over the past 2800 years have been brought to us courtesy of white people, almost all white men? Anybody who has read "The Burden of Bad Ideas" knows what a joke the Smithsonian is.
@3: Fuck off, racist.
gb2stormfront, 3.
" 97% of the contributions to math and science"

Wow. Fucking retarded. And the Aryan Christ is totally accurate as well.

Btw, good studies usually test hypotheses rather than prove the authors' suppositions beforehand.
Wow, off topic after only one reasonable response.

The only justice will be that Clough will carry this bad load around behind him for a long time.

Or is he hoping to get an art job in the right wing arena of this country? Does one exist?
One could be thankful to the Smithsonian board for this position except for the fact that this is talk and not action and the talk suggests a future approach to exhibits that censors properly before an exhibit is up. For museums there's little new in this approach and it sounds terribly like an ass-covering press release that leads to little change.

If the board thinks the video shouldn't have been removed, then why doesn't it simply just have it put back? What a radical move consistant with their statement that would be!
6, care to argue with Charles Murray on that fact?