"I will hit your car"


"I will knee your car."

Might want to consider going with "key your car," cause I'm thinking, Knee: 0, Bumper: 1.
I dumped a cup of coffee on a car after the driver pulled into the crosswalk while trying to turn, in front of me and a few other peds. But I wouldn't knee a car, because my knee = softer than a metal car.
is this viral marketing for some new Portlandia vignettes? (Good morning, Canuck!)
(Hola, gus!)
Take a cue from angry cyclists and just hood or fender thump instead. Makes a hell of a noise and gets the driver's attention. No damage to self or car.

Or if you want to take it up a level, carry a u-lock. Headlights and sideview mirrors are plenty soft enough for those.
Wow, that could have come from me, although I never knee a car as that might make me wobble and fall over. Instead, I usually use my hand to knock, tap, or hit the side or back of the car.
Your knee is way stronger than nearly all car-door side-panels. Just aim for a flat spot.
It's a nice sentiment and I'd second that for bicyclists, too: the crosswalk/trail is mine too so please don't run over/into me like you can't see me.

With that said, what the fuck do you think you're going to achieve by escalating the situation with either property damage, damage to yourself, or maybe an altercation with dipshit driver? Other than a childish and short-lived catharsis (perhaps with having to deal with insurance/police), I am not seeing the benefit to making the interaction more hostile than the driver has already made it.
Always tempting to do, but if you do, be prepared to fight for your life.
You could also say... Next time you stupid pedestrians walk without looking - I'm going to run you over. Next time you run up to the crosswalk only to walk through it - I'm going to run you over. Next time you are oblivious to the walk signal and don't take your turn, I'm going to run you over. Next time you go in front of my car instead of behind, I'm going to run you over. Next time you ride your bike on the line separating the driving and bike lanes, I'm going to run you over.

You're stupid. Share the road like everyone else and stop bitching.
2) Not a Seattle person if real

I throw cups/bottles of water all the time in NYC, sometimes people get out of the car and argue, in Seattle that would end with a gunshot, either from the drivers or the cops, so FAKE.
I find that a steel water bottle full of water and swinging in whatever hand is nearest to the cars does a great job of reminding drivers that I'm there and not to run me over or splash me.
Can we start doing pushing bicycles that almost hit us in order to not stop at crosswalks too?

11, get a grip. Pedestrians have the right of way at a corner.

Also, completely stop your car. Don't keep moving your car towards me as I cross the street. It is unnerving to have someone do that.
I always stop for people who want to cross in crosswalks. I even stop if they want to cross at a corner with no crosswalk. The problem I see when I do it is the car behind me will speed around me just when the person steps into the street. My stopping has almost gotten people run over. Also, the only time I didn't see the crosswalk or the pedestrian, I was going uphill on James where there was a lot of traffic. And I got a one hundred and twenty dollar ticket. I understand people's frustration but not property damage.
I'd like to see a pedestrian-driver discourse in which the driver defends running a red light and nearly hitting a pedestrian who has the right of way in a crosswalk to race to a red light one block away. I've seen this happen many times in downtown Seattle so I'm sure finding such a driver wouldn't be hard.
@6 that is fine and dandy until the driver decides to apply the law of lugnuts and run your ass over.

@11 FTW. I am absolutely willing to give pedestrians the right-of-way, but if they are going to dash out between two parked cars, or barge into a crosswalk without even stopping to make sure that drivers see them first, I'm not going to feel bad about hitting them with my car. You may have the right-of-way, but in the battle between my ton-and-a-half and your buck-and-a-half, I'm going to win every time. It would behoove you to respect the laws of physics.
@16 what about when you stop for a ped, they start to cross, and then are almost crushed by a car driving in the opposite direction. That's why I never stop for people who are not waiting at a marked crosswalk.
Let the battle begin!
@15 I think his point is that having a "me first" attitude whether driving or walking is a bad idea. It's unsafe for pedestrians to enter the cross walk against a flashing "don't walk sign" just as it's unsafe for a car to enter the crosswalk against traffic signals. We all need to just pay a little more attention.

"When I'm driving, I hate walkers. When I'm walking, I hate cars. At all times, I hate bikers."
I would love to yeild all you peds the right of way, but most of the time you're not actually attempting to cross the street, but rather gabbing on your cell phone on the corner and giving me a look like I'm some kind of freak if I actually stop for you. And then, If I do stop, you're in danger of the cars coming the opposide direction that DON't stop.
@23 Honestly, how many people actually walk around with cell phones to their ears at all times?
I don't know about Seattle, but I wouldn't recommend trying that here. Lots of people with guns in their cars.
@24, about one in five, by my reckoning, if you include people texting and not just listening or talking.

This person wouldn't last an hour and a half in Mexico City, I can tell you that.
Waaaaahhhhh!!!! Poor meeeeee and my caaarrrrrr!!!!!

Waaaaah, my poor paint joooobbb!!!!
Hanging out on a corner, waiting a few seconds for a car to pass with a perplexed look on my face, thinking "ummm, I have the right of way, d-bag" is my normal reaction, but every once in awhile, if there are plenty of other peds to blend in with, I like to give naughty cars a light or loud spanking as they pass in front of me and say NAUGHTY! Spankings can be quiet or loud, depending on your desired effect.
With the exception of Portland, people do realize this is just about the best pedestrians have it, right? Go anywhere else in the country and try the crap pedestrians try here and you will die. Also what's up with waiting for the walk signal when there's no cars coming in either direction? It's safer to walk when no cars are coming, but instead most wait at the corner until it is "safe" as three cars have to slam on their brakes to stop from hitting the pedestrians who begin to walk the moment the walky-guy appears.
Dear Aggravated SeaTown Pedestrian,

Just because you're aggravated doesn't give you the right to do property damage to people's cars.

If you knee, punch, key, U-lock, or in other ways damage my car because I've pulled 3 inches into your sacred crosswalk, I will sue you for damages. You get to pay for a new car door. If I'm feeling aggravated in return, maybe I'll get out and shove your pedestrian-protection device down your entitled little throat.

You see cars, bikes, skate boarders, and strollers, you exercise a little good judgement and courtesy. That way everyone survives and nobody has an aneurysm.

Common sense.
lol sayin' ain't doin' Aggravated SeaTown Pedestrian.

I'm predicting selective enforcement. No mercy on Outback an Volvo. A studied discernment for Black Escalade. Total abstention for box Chevy on 24" rims.

Stay vigilant, Muscles.
I visit Seattle almost every year for PAX and I can't believe how you people always wait for a walk signal even if there's no traffic in sight. Here, it's a goddamn free-for all. We just wander into traffic like we don't give a shit.
Seattle definitely needs more road rage, thanks for fanning the flames!
I have the opposite request. Please drivers, if you can make it across the crosswalk in front of me before I make it to the front of your car, please just get through, like they might in any other city. I don't mind. I just hate it when a car stops for me when they don't need to, sitting there, watching me cross, pressuring me to walk faster. I feel this happens a lot in Seattle, and it slows everything down for everyone.
@29 I know it's retarded, but walking against the light can get you a fat ticket
Racist Troll @31 has a point. 0 percent chance the author pulls this shit with a car full of teenage African Americans.
@34 Thank you. It's like people don't realize how to be safe. Safe: Car goes through intersection without causing a back-up, allows pedestrian to go his/her own pace. There's no confusion about who should go and when. Unsafe: Car stopping suddenly for a pedestrian 20 feet away, causing the car behind to stop suddenly, etc. Pedestrian now feels the need to run across the street just to be nice. Maybe tripping along the way.
The driver/walker relationship works much better with a little bit of eye contact. Not something Seattle is good at.
I saw a pedestrian get hit and killed once (and it was 100% the fault of the driver), so I am extremely cautious around cars and do not take chances, even if it is my right-of-way. Even with all my caution, I almost got hit last week, and I smacked the car as hard as I could with my umbrella. I didn't cause any damage, but I did startle the driver, since he was on his phone and had no idea I was even there. My hope is that he will be more careful next time. It felt really good to hit his car, I have to say.
@35 Unless there are pedestrian red-light cameras it's pretty damn safe. I'm not suggesting crossing against the light in front of a cop.

Don't mess with this guy either:


I love the comments from drivers who are willing to commit murder because some pedestrian did something wrong. Or because they slowed you down somewhat. Oh no, it'll take you 10 minutes instead of 7... what is that compared to someone's life?
I drive. I'm human; I’m not perfect. I have been guilty of honestly not seeing a pedestrian and pulling forward into a cross walk so I can see if cars are coming. If people are involved in anything, honest errors will occur. And, yes, some drivers are douche bags.

But more than once a week and nearly every day, I protect a pedestrian who walks out into the street when they didn't bother to look both ways and do NOT have the right of way (jay walking is a stupid thing to ticket for, but that doesn't mean peds always have the right of way). This can happen any time of day or night, and it certainly happens a lot at night with people wearing dark clothes. If I were not diligent and careful, these people would be road kill. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

And cyclists...jesus. Every day I see cyclists ignoring the rules of the road, relying on me to prevent an accident/injury when they are reckless, and showing disregard for pedestrians. All while achieving an unparalleled level of righteousness. Why not dump on them awhile?

The car & drivers bashing in The Stranger and on Slog is getting real old.
Are you looking both ways before entering the crosswalk? Are you walking at a lackadaisical pace? Do you wait at the corner until a car gets there and then start to go? Do you realized it's impossible for a car to see if other cars are coming without entering the crosswalk 9 times out of 10? Can't we all get along?
Tips to Seattle pedestrians:

-Look both ways before entering the street
-Don't wear head to toe black at night and expect to be seen
-Make eye contact with the driver before passing in front of a moving vehicle

you heard it here first!
@38, so true. Do it every day walking to and from cap hill/downtown. I find an ostentatious lean-forward combined with wide-eyed, gaping look does the trick for establishing eye contact....
Years ago, I received a ticket for failing to stop for a pedestrian ... since then, I’ve been careful to stop at crosswalks when people need to cross. I still do even after being rear-ended by a cell phone talking Hot Mamas pizza delivery guy w/o insurance. I just won’t go to Hot Mamas again ... stop for pedestrians folks we live in a dark damp rainy town and waiting on the corner while folks zoom by is lame.
also, protip for pedestrians straight from the Country of Estonia (and probably some other European Countries):

"Estonia is quite dark during the winter months (roughly October through April), and Estonian law requires pedestrians to wear small reflectors, which people generally pin to their coats or handbags. Although this law is rarely enforced in cities, reflectors are very important in rural areas where it may be difficult for motorists to see pedestrians. Violators of this law may be subject to a fine of around US$50, or a higher fine up to around US$500 if the pedestrian is under the influence of alcohol. Reflectors are inexpensive and you should be able to find them at many supermarkets, kiosks, and other shops."
Knee? I kick at cars that almost clip me. I'm going to put my foot through someone's window someday.
@49 yes!!! I love pedestrians and walk a lot myself but I can't stop for you if I can't fucking see you because it's dark, raining, and you're dressed in all black!
Wow, suddenly I like pedestrians a lot less. What a bunch of egomaniacal assholes with anger management and entitlement issues (yes, pedestrians have right of way, but simple reality says some drivers will be rude, distracted, etc -- you are NOT entitled to a perfect world, bitches). Apparently pedestrians are a bunch of jerks.

And that sucks, because I am one. I walk 2 miles to work most days. Cripes, am I expected to act like these asshats? I hope not.
It really would be nice if pedestrians had a touch of common sense. I've given up on bicyclists, and assume that it is only a matter of time before I kill one, but all other things being equal I'd really rather not kill a pedestrian.

It's simple:

Look both ways.

Don't assume I can see you. This is particularly important if you are wearing camouflage, at dusk, in the middle of a block, between two parked cars, one of which is an SUV almost as tall as you, and you're brown so you don't even have pasty white skin to catch the headlights.
I was trying to parallel park once on a street where there was only one lane, but had those confusing bike symbol things painted on it? Anyway, I went to back into the spot while a guy on a bike was passing me on my right, (who checks for this?) I didn't see him and he was pissed.

He stopped for like a second or two and while balancing, somehow took his front tire and made a big smudge mark on the door of my car.

It was kinda impressive, and classy. Like, just made a black mark to show his disdain, but without any property damage to my car, his bike or himself.

Yes, I can tell by your pic there that you are black, impoverished and beleaguered. If only someone had given you an education and a chance in life. You've lived it hard, I'm sure. While, clearly, talking about road safety and reality gave me away as a middle class white bourgeoisie tyrannical republican fascist. I repent. How dare I mention what actually happens on the roads of this city.

Class and race having nothing to do with people walking out in the middle of the street or cyclists who ignore the rules of the road. What are you talking about? I hope you feel ridiculous because you are being ridiculous, and I hope you at least have the sentient potential to recognize what everyone who read your silly comment did.

(And as for middle class, it often takes a shit load of money to live in areas where walking is a reliable transportation. Look at rent on Capitol Hill and downtown. Some of us can't afford that and have to live further out but actually still get around, too.)
I've lived in places (mostly on the East Coast) where drivers routinely honk and yell and throw stuff at pedestrians. Not even sure why... anger and power issues, I suppose. But in any case, in those places, pedestrians give the right of way to the cars, because they don't want to end up in the hospital or morgue.

Sidewalks are not the streets and when peds have to cross streets it's usually at intersections - where there are usually at least two street lights and not dark at all, even at night.

peds really only have to look out for cars and not challenge them. it's not that hard.

Yup, peds suck in this place. Go to any other place on the planet besides west coast USA, and your asses will be mowed down in a heartbeat for not yielding to cars. Roads are for cars, not for people, idiots.

P.S. Why do all you Seattle drivers drive like little old ladies?
Next time you go in front of my car instead of behind, I'm going to run you over.

You know what? Fuck you. I almost got creamed by an asshole turning left because I walked behind a car trying to turn right that was taking up the crosswalk. Never again am I being polite to a driver too timid to just fucking turn already. It's going to get me killed.

I went to back into the spot while a guy on a bike was passing me on my right, (who checks for this?)

I always look behind me whenever I'm backing up. It's called Driving 101. Even if you think the street is clear, any number of things (scooters, bikes, pedestrians) could pop up out of nowhere. It's like fastening your seat belt the second you get into the car; it takes very little effort and can save a life.
Walkers - remember to give a "Thanks!" wave at alert drivers who pull to a stop to let you cross a street. (This town is better at that than most I've lived in, and I sure appreciate it.) This is about cooperation, not competition!
Confronting orprovoking assholes is never worth the risk even if it makes you feel good.
At 60+ comments in a couple hours I think we can call this story trolling.

...and since I can't resist a good trolling....

The law says that you have to stop for a pedestrian at an intersection that doesn't have a traffic light, whether there's a crosswalk there or not. As a driver you need to do this. I know it's not easy to spot a ninja on a dark and stormy night, but do your best and keep an eye out. If you do hit a pedestrian you can be sure that you will be fucked to some degree for the rest of your life. You will have nightmares and regrets. Yes, even you tough guy. You will pay obscenely high insurance for the rest of your life. Your karma, if you believe in that will be seriously off balance.

As a pedestrian you should expect that not all drivers are aware of this law, not all drivers are paying attention, and even the ones who are and mean well won't always spot you in time to be able to make a complete stop. Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Better? Good. Now isn't that better than having a temper tantrum with an asshole who may or may not get out of the car and knock your teeth out with a crow bar? Continue on your way and make sure you make eye contact with the driver before you cross their path. Bonus tip: some of these drivers are actually cute too.
A few years ago I was crossing with the walk light and a 16-year-old driver hit me (he proceeded to drive away). I was lucky to have no serious injuries, but the paperwork went on forever. The kid did get caught, but he never bothered to apologize.

The way drivers ignore pedestrians is completely appalling.

A few months ago on boingboing I read about a calmer, more-attractive solution for cyclists: yellow magnetic cards.

OP: Please read the AAA studies on aggressive driving, especially the following quote.
A driver was shot to death "because he hit my car"

Let that sink in for a bit. Then reread the whole page again.

Most aggressive drivers are young, poorly educated males. But some are older men, or women with a car full of kids. No one is immune from psychotic breaks.

Is tapping someone's door to register your displeasure worth being shot?
@63: The way drivers ignore pedestrians... in Seattle specifically? Or in the world in general?
This is why you should have an open carving knife when you walk in a crosswalk ... the sound as the blade drags across the hood of the car is very intense.
People who commit acts of road rage should have their licenses suspended pending anger management classes.

Repeat offenders should be disqualified from driving and have their licenses permanently revoked. A driver's use of the public roads is not a right.
Kneeing cars is OVER.
For the people who insists on a) eye contact and b) looking both ways: DON'T YOU THINK I FUCKING DO THAT? The problem is that I can only do that before I cross, and when people drive on or just above the speed limit on, say, 15th Ave NW in Ballard, turning right onto Market *without even bother to look*, they were too far away to be noticeable when I started, and I am already halfway over the street before they're close enough to have eye contact with. Right on red is a fucking plague on civilization. Also? As useful as eye contact can be, it wouldn't be NEEDED if drivers followed the law. I've never broken pedestrian laws, and yet come close to dying too many times to count.
@65: I typed a "here" and promptly deleted it--drivers are plowing pedestrians all over. That said, it's more insulting in Seattle because the city brags about being pedestrian-friendly.

@69: Yup, that's where and how I got hit.
@62 was the only example of a calm, well-reasoned argument in this whole thread. Reading this comment makes me feel 100% better about humanity. Cooler heads prevail.
@59. . . no it wasn't backing up in the street. it was backing into an open spot next to the curb. . . the traffic stops behind you. You look back, to see where your going, then check your front so it doesn't swing into the opposite lane and then look into the passenger side mirror for the curb. If mr. fix-ee-zippy decides to make his own lane passing all of the cars on his right. . who were patiently waiting for me to park on a single lane-two-way street without a dedicated bike lane. . . um. . . yeah that has nothing to do with my driving. weaving through stopped traffic without a lane is risky for him and I'm glad he was fine. . . since I stopped. . . it's just his sense of entitlement that didn't.
@ 69 (tee hee, 69) You think right on red is a plague on civilization--you may be right, haven't thought much about it, honestly--but one of the complaints in this thread is that drivers don't obey the laws. Clearly, right on red is the law, so maybe angry peds should lobby to change that law and put their anger to productive use?

And good for you for being safe and following all the rules, both in terms of law and common sense! This might not totally protect you from douchey drivers, but good drivers appreciate it. Now can you have a ped to ped chat with the guy who stepped out between two cars to cross the street in the middle of the block two nights ago without looking and while wearing a black sweatshirt? He never even realized I had to slam on my brakes and was only a few feet from hitting him. That was the situation *I* thought of when I read this pissed-off driver-hating email.

Not all drivers are reckless douche waffles; not all peds are responsible; not all drivers are careful; not all peds are clueless righteous asshats. Now we're all back to being friends, yes?
I make an actual effort not to be a total douche whether I'm walking, biking, or driving. There, now, is that so hard?

(Although I will say I have been sorely tempted as a pedestrian to carry a boat horn around with me for the more oblivious drivers. WHOOOONNNNNKKK!)
@ 11, 19, 52 right on!

there are too many asshole peds in this town ruining it for everyone else. i am a respectful driver and appreciate pedestrian's right of way. but i don't respect fuckwads that are nowhere to be seen when i pull into a crosswalk to take a right turn and am waiting for traffic to clear, only to walk in front of me and shoot me dirty ass looks or act like they are going to hit my car. i was there first, making a legal turn, not racing anyone to get there. you hit my car, and I am not at fault, there is going to be a confrontation.

and yes i have given up on bicyclists in this town as well. to the point where my commute stresses me the fuck out, particularly on westlake and eastlake after dark in the rain when they have inadequate headlamps and come up behind you or weave in and out of everything at a red light. or keep going past you on the right as you are getting ready to make a right turn and have your signal on. if you want to be treated like a car on the road, get a horn and stay in the stream of traffic if there is no bike lane.

now with all that being vented, thanks @73 for speaking sanely. lol.
Watched someone knock on a car who pulled across a sidewalk and almost ran over a mom and her two little girls. guy flipped out, got out and hit him in the face, then drive off.

Not worth it.

BTW, the car was a new-model silver dodge magnum, washington plates 003-UAU, and the driver lives in Kirkland, according to the cops. If anyone wants to deflate some 'ego'...
I wouldn't think twice about kick a reckless car when I am trying to cross the road. That being said, it bothers me when people wearing dark clothes cross the middle of the road and walk really slowly. Yes, you have the right of way but it's really scary and dangerous. I don't want to kill anyone because I couldn't see them. If you really have to cross the road where there is poor lighting then at least try to hurry and if you can't hurry cross with a lot of room and distance.

It's also frustrating for me when pedestrians enter a crosswalk at the very lest second when the sign is flashing don't walk or is on a solid don't walk. I'm not about to run anybody over but I feel like it is really rude.
Time for an anti-car joke:

Why were there only 10,000 Mexicans at the Alamo?

They could only get one car.
@54- Those confusing bike markings are called sharrows and they're supposed to remind you that it's legal for bikes to ride there. Of course, it's legal to ride bikes everywhere (unless specially noted) so they're kind of dumb, like a "Do Not Litter" sign.

The bicyclist should have gone around you on the left (if safe, or they should have just stopped) when you signaled and slowed to park. You're right, no one checks to make sure bikes are zipping into the gap as you park. Now if there had been a bike lane and you were still in the car lane, I could see a bike passing you on the right because they had no idea what the hell you were doing. Especially if you hadn't signaled.

You did signal, didn't you?
This is nothing compared to playing Frogger driving down MLK or Rainier Ave. It's the kind of stupidity that makes you think it's genetic.

Mind you, i'd love to see angry white boy here smack the hood of a low riding 1994 Civic with $4000 rims and tinted windows who cuts him off outside Tacoma Mall.
No, peds, you don't always have the right of way. Nice try. City streets are not a parking lot; you can't walk anywhere you damn well please. You have the right of way at intersections w/o stop lights & at intersections w/stop lights when the "walk" sign is flashing. Other than that, you are breaking the damn law by crossing in the middle of a street or against a light.

You think it is fun for a driver to almost hit a pedestrian who is acting like an asshat? We have just as much expectation that pedestrians will follow the law as pedestrians have that drivers will follow the law.

So how about taking some responsibility for yourselves and your own lives instead of assuming that every single driver out there sees every single pedestrian and cyclist on the road every single time. Follow the law and have some common sense, ffs, you entitled, arrogant jackasses.
As other people have said, I think right on red, especially in the more developed parts of the city, is a big part of pedestrian/jaywalker danger. It adds another axis of uncertainty to crossing the street, especially when cars fail to signal or fail to stop... or when pedestrians fail to get off their smart phone when crossing the road.
a cautionary tale: I lightly back-handed someone's grill a couple years ago after they came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the crosswalk and got my ass beat from behind by two dudes riding in the truck. My principled act earned me a night in Harborview, a broken nose, scratched cornea and a $2k bill to chip away at for the next 2 years. I agree in theory, but in practice, you'd better be ready for things to escalate...quickly

Your story just reminded me of another incident a few years ago, where an off-duty firefighter tapped the back of a car (not to complain of bad driving, just to make the driver aware of his presence). The driver took off after him (in the car) and deliberately crashed into him, pinning him against a wall.

I think there's very strong correlation between people who drive aggressively/erratically and people who will fuck you up if you dare complain.
"I think there's very strong correlation between people who drive aggressively/erratically and people who will fuck you up if you dare complain."

You're talking about aggro cyclists right?
@79 "Sharrows" cool.

heh, yeah I signaled. . . I parallel park on that street a lot and signaling early helps the cars slow down behind you and they usually will give you some extra space so you can back into the space. . . cause you have to stop the lane from moving mid block to do this. . .

I wonder if there is a correlation between thread rage and road rage?
I agree with 34. To those lovely cars trying to be nice: Unless it's a light or crosswalk, please don't slow down or stop or change your behavior because I'm standing at the intersection (still FAR from your car). This will make it easier to predict how to navigate the crossing, and I won't feel rushed. Also the lanes next to you are not stopping with you so the danger of getting hit is still very real, only now I feel rushed and obligated and get more careless.

@Fried Worms
yikes, you still seem to be a delirious! I know when I drive my car I get a little bit of entitlement running through my veins too (yes, i do drive, ride my bike, walk & take the bus with equal frequency). But what you are ultimately forgetting is that driving is privilege, not a right, and believe it or not, it's much akin to walking around a city with a gun mounted to your head with the trigger attached to your chin while a man tickles your nose with a feather. All it takes is a sneeze, a groggy morning, temporary daydream or a cellphone call and BAM...someones fucking dead on your hood. With this in mind, you have a hefty challenge on your hands, not only do you have to pay for this expensive car (Plus insurance), you are faced daily with the task of not killing other people. Now if this sounds too difficult I'm sure we can both agree dropping a couple extra bones for an apartment closer to the city is well worth this stress that driving has caused + the risk of human life. Now you say, what about the other folks involved in this equation???? Yes, your possible victims! Well, I gotta say, they deserve much, much more respect than you are giving them, even if they are a little dumb or aggro or entitled or sleepy or just plain rude....they aren't the ones walking around town with a gun strapped to their head.

In conclusion, you seem like a smart, articulate, respectful & safe Seattlite but remember: privilege, not right.
@ 20- that is a common misperception; peds waiting on a corner with no crosswalk have the ROW (it is called an "unmarked crosswalk"- it exists and is treated as a crosswalk in terms of tickets, trust me I have gotten a parking ticket for parking within 5 feet of one). Anyway, the point is, cars should stop for peds waiting to cross at such places (the city should do us all a favor and paint a crosswalk but that will never happen). If the guy next to you does not stop, that's his bad. You shouldn't also not stop, or assume that he won't. I always stop if I see someone in the next lane stopped at a corner because I assume there is a ped waiting to cross. Other people in this city have similar abilities to use common sense (though this number is decreasing every day).

@32- I jaywalk all the time when the coast is clear and it is safe to do so. However, I have also been given a ticket (over a $100) from an asshole traffic cop with a god complex after doing so on James St. He actually told me that *I* could have held up a car (if one had come along) or caused damage to one if it hit me (!?) I know others who have received similar nonsense tickets downtown. If no traffic is coming, I don't see the harm in running for it. The Seattle police love to make money off this type of common sense and I think that's why you will see many people waiting forever for a light to change.
Fuck you and fuck your car. I have been hit by a car twice on my bike, and have been threatened with being run over (car speeding up to me, and skidding to a stop blaring the horn telling me to get out of the way when it's MY light). If this is you, I will fuck up your car. My sister already fucked up someone's car. She jumped right on top of the hood and started smacking the windshield, and left two dents in the hood. The cops sided with us. I haven't caused any damage yet, but I have covered a few windshields in coffee. Next time someone tries to run me over, I'm smashing my metal thermos into their hood.
@39, concur that it sure feels good to make that hit. its all about closure.

i usually choose the top of the trunk and use my hand, with a slapping motion. 2nd and union is the place i've been cut off the most, and where i've been able to retaliate most succesfully......
@91 - Maybe you need to start riding a little differently before you have accident #3. We all have to grow up sometime.
i love slapping cars that deserve it. been doing since i was as teen. as a runner, you get the chances to slap many vehicles. back then there weren't so many cell phones now. distracted driver is worse. people rushing about distracted and frenzied don't notice as many things, especially when they forget to look both ways before turning right. those who turn right without making sure both directions are clear and would have hit me if I had not been paying attention deserve a slap to their vehicle. it makes them remember that there are pedestrians around them. sometimes walkers are inebriated, other ones are old or lacking reflexes. i hit cars as much for my pleasure as i do for those less able to dodge that vehicle or remember that a lot of drivers aren't paying attention to walkers. don't be afraid of the drivers, most of them are just words. assholes who do that deserve two slaps if you can be fairly certain they aren't psychopaths.

i even take a little thrill at times thinking that even just for a moment they actually hit something. it could be the wake-up call they needed.

you can't just do this everywhere though. seattle is a safe place for it. do it in detroit and you are risking a lot more.

and cabbies are a whole other story. they drive around like maniacs heeding little attention to the safety of other people. they deserve ever bit of retribution they get.

i can't imagine many of the car slappees are native seattlites, who are way to passive to engage in such behavior. though it was is responsible for responding to ever intersection as a crossing. nowhere in an east coast/midwestern city would you ever see motorists stop just because they see people waiting to cross the road. if i were a driver i'd be annoyed to. as a walker, i find it annoying. the waiting for the crosswalk thing is hilarious too. i swear some of these motherlickers would wait 5 minutes to cross with no cars if i could just get my hands on a device that would allow me to control the walk/don't walk signal. never noticed the dirty look thing though, too busy cruising to my destination to notice. order is just as much of a problem as disorder.
Really, people, think about it. In a big rush to get to the next red light? And also try not to lose your mind over a god damn paint job. If you can't do that you should be removed from society.
This quote:
"If you try to fly through a crosswalk I'm about to step into and you then stop in front of me to look both ways, whatever's in my hand is going to meet your car's side door, trunk, what have you." makes me think he's talking about what I have to dodge constantly in LQA and Capitol Hill. Drivers who are going to make a right turn at a red light will just fly up to and through the crosswalk. And they're so busy looking to the left for traffic that they don't see me to their right, trying to cross the damn street when the light is green for me. The freaking law is that you stop first, then move forward so you can see to make that free right.
Ah you Pacific North-westerners, and your quaint pedestrian, bicycle, and car right-of-way notions. You wouldn't last a day in downtown Baltimore.
Yes, it's the car drivers with all the anger issues...sounds like the most
angry, entitled people are white, college educated  hipsters here on  Slog
who can't afford cars yet:

"Fuck you and fuck your car."

"sure feels good to make that hit."

"i even take a little thrill"

"jumped right on top of the hood and started smacking the windshield"

"i love slapping cars"


"I dumped a cup of coffee on a car"

"just hood or fender thump instead"

"Your knee is way stronger than nearly all car-door side-panels."

"carry a u-lock"

"I kick at cars"

"I'm going to put my foot through someone's window someday."

"I will fuck up your car"