Foreskin for the Promised Land. Not a bad deal.
"All I got was this crummy t-shirt"
I can't imagine a grown man giving up his foreskin for the land of Israel. Maybe a big house in the Hollywood Hills with a nice horizon pool and spa, but only because you could throw parties full of naked hotties.

Think about it: giving up about 3/4 of the nerves on your dick and changing the basic mechanics of the old in-out. And for what? The privilege of hanging out in a Mideast ghetto with a bunch of guys who dress in black and can't touch girls. Yeah, great.

"Hey babe, how about coming back to my place? It's the land of Israel." Yeah, that sounds real appealing.
Damn I'd love to piss on that wall.
So, how many male oriented religions, mainstream and pagan, did/do *not* worship the penis?
You gotta get back to the bronze age for the goddess stuff. or go Hindu.
Hopefully a nuclear bomb is going to put an end to that deal.
here's one contest we gals are excluded from. :(
@4: After that, you can smear menstrual blood on the altar at St. Peter's Basilica and shit on the mihrab of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Then you've won Abrahamic religion bodily fluids bingo!!!
Goddamn, that Jehova was one pervy dude... o.O
@3, you obviously haven't visited Tel Aviv.
Do the female stalls have windows, too? I'd hate to think the bringer of life wouldn't be considered holy, too, or some shit.
@12 Sorry to spoil it for you, but in traditional thinking, the female body is not the bringer of life. God is the bringer of life. Woman is the bringer of chicken soup.
Umm, what is the point of a series when the first one can't be beat?

#1 wins, series closed.
Oh fine, #3 wins. I forgot about #1 because it was boring, and I didn't check in here yesterday.

The only one I can imagine competing with this one that I have seen I don't have pictures of. In Ephesus, Turkey there is a still standing Roman bath complex that includes a toilet room. It is a square room with a bench on at least two sides. Those benches (made of brick) are punctured with at least 6 side by side toilets. You can peer down below and see the terra cotta plumbing.
Favorite toilets: Vince Lombardi Rest Area, near Exit 16W of the New Jersey Turnpike.

"Pissing isn't everything: It's the ONLY thing!"
That would be "promised glans."
Does this give me permission to enter men bathrooms to take pics?
@18: Just knock first.

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