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It can happen here too.

People just want to be free.
and actually, sources in Dubai say that Mubarak "owns" around 20 to 30 billion - how much he leaves with is anyone's guess.
Best news coverage:

live pictures, best reporting.
Just another victory of non-violent resistance (and labor disruption) over injustice and oppression.
How do you know this woman is white? And so fucking what if she is? Shall we start racially labeling everyone we don't agree with now? Seems to be more and more popular for sloggers to go out of their way to label "white" people, with the implication that this is something bad. Virtually all my friends are white, and they're wonderful. And I'd be willing to bet 98% of slog commenters are white, too. Not all of them are wonderful, though :(
It’s time to call the White House and insist that we no longer give billions of $ to Mubarak or anyone in his regime (Sulieman) or a military dictatorship if there is a coup.

One of the good things that may come of this is that maybe we'll stop letting foreign dictators skim half of the US tax dollars we give their country off the top.
@7, no we won't. That's just how foreign aid works. Everybody takes off the top. 30% of the tsunami aid that went to Indonesia came off the top for the military (and most of the supplies themselves were skimmed, stolen and resold, or otherwise diverted as well).

The impolitic thing to say would be that Mubarak wouldn't get to take anything with him if he left in a coffin. But that's not nice, is it.

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