The inevitable tectonic shifts in Egyptian society will not be without significant physical confrontations and economic misery. The "benefits" have yet to begin raining down, and the "gratitude" of the Egyptian people to the U.S. will follow in due time.

Not that Mubarak didn't need to go--he did. Or does. Nothing at this point keeps him from privately telling Suleiman and the generals what to do next.
@1 assuming that the current crop are in power after elections.
(@2, that's the surest sign he means this as a Major Statement.)
@3 assuming there ever are elections.
The Swiss froze all the stolen assets. It's on the CNN timeline for today.

Days not weeks. This is like Tunisia in so many ways.
Now imagine if we had always demanded democratic elections and if we had only given humanitarian aide!

This DID NOT happen because of the Egyptian military. It happened in spite of the Egyptian military.
Awww, Eli killed "redound." You have lumpectomized the pith and moment of your enterprise, sir!
Eli, your post doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. What are you trying to say?
Nice post, Eli.

I agree completely.
You've not heard of the School of the Americas, Eli? You do know we trained Manuel Noriega, and a whole passel of dictators, right? We gave military aid and training to Saddam Hussein and the Shah of Iran. To the Taliban.

I can't believe how many people now want to fall for the bullshit that American military training makes you all sweet and good and shit.
11: Sweet and good for suppressing the populace for THIRTY FUCKING YEARS.

Thank you for not believing the hype.

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