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Wait. Is the lady in the bonnet supposed to be Susan Boyle?
It's clearly Lady Antebellum. Keep up.
I hear Lady Gaga just laid a giant egg.
Speaking of "should be ashamed, not rewarded", in the pre-show awards Buju Banton won Best Reggae Album.

All that matters for the show is, if Rihanna does wind up performing (twice, with Eminem and then with Drake), will her sideman Nuno Bettencourt be onstage to give me a much-needed boner?
Oh. My. God. gus....he is SUHweet! If he's there, I'd suggest you wear some loose fitting sweatpants.

And wouldn't it be fun if we LiveSlogged the Grammys? Just think about the catty possibilities...
Eminem is terrible. Listen to better music.
Canuck, you remind me I need to find somewhere to watch it! In the meantime just watch that grown-ass man Nuno try to keep from cracking up where he finds himself at his age...…
Canuck, last year or the year before, Megan liveslogged the Grammys and it was awesome! I suppose it's hard to liveslog them from the wilds of Montreal.
Oh gus, he truly is lovely...sigh. Yes, get yer narrow bum to a proper Grammy watching venue, hopefully with some nice draught beer. (Ooops, you can't wear sweats out of the house though, major fashion faux pas, you'll just have to control yourself...)

Jessica, that must've been fun! Where has Slog been all of my life? Oh well, I will pretend I'm making pithy little comments while watching tonight...
I'm more upset about all the lines throughout the song where he talks about abusing and killing her, and she says "that's ok because I like the way it hurts". I still can't decide what point the song is making ... I can't decide if its supposed to be some sort of artistic indictment of domestic violence... but it upsets me when I hear 18 year old girls who have it set as their ringtone on their phone, probably when their boyfriends call.
@10 - it's supposed to be illustrating an effed up, abusive relationship, not glorifying it. a whole bunch of eminem's stuff features narratives from losers, not heroes (which is what made him kind of brilliant to start out - think "Stan"). but yeah, i'm not convinced that the 18 y/o girls you're talking about necessarily get that. and that "window pane" line is the worst thing ever - enough to automatically disqualify the song/record/whatever from contention.
Holy shit, those divas have pipes! Loved the opening number...

(..."THIS is your Grammy open thread...")
Gram....what? You'll catch me at HBO/Showtime tonight although the online non-televised awards (the 98 or so out of the 110 awarded) were kinda fun to watch this afternoon 'cause they were quick and there weren't many bullshit acceptances!

The BAFTA's are on BBC America at 8 - tape-delayed. They were held around 1 PM PST. The winners - if you can't stand the suspense (?) - are posted on BAFTA's website.
I don't recognize any of these people.
Loved Lady Gaga's Frank-n-Furter-meets-Madonna mash-up.
Is Usher the President of Rhythm Nation now?
Yeah, I'm watching the BAFTAs, waiting for the 6:45 showing of "Another Year". I did get a good look at Rihanna's dress, though, which was awesome. Miley Cyrus's was tragic as usual.
Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers looked as happy as pigs in shit to be singing with Bob Dylan. Is it wrong that I like Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers? Does this make me a wannabe hipster, god forbid?

I loved how Dylan almost tripped over / kicked the Mumford cello. Cee-Lo as a turkey (?) and this muppet band is definitely something.
Yeah @19...Cee Lo? Discuss.

Gwyneth Paltrow emerged from the muppet band to perform a duet with the encostumed Mr. Green for that very popular track known only to radio stations as "forget you". There were a whole lot of feathers.

Also, Nicole Kidman singing along in the front row was weirdly more charismatic/interesting than Katy Perry singing "Teenage Dream" on stage.
Gwyneth couldn't walk in her shoes, and was more concerned about looking sleek and black than getting in the swing of things. She could have worn an Oscar the Grouch dress, for instance.

Do male country singers have personal grooming issues? There are a lot of ZZ Top beards.
Is it wrong to pray for a terrorist attack on the Grammy awards tonight?

The Grammys are great...too bad music in 2010 was terrible.
One thing you'd think they'd get right at a music show is ... the audio.

"I'd catch a grenade for you." They don't write 'em like they used to, Bruno.

Arcade Fire #25. I meant to say "mainstream music", but yes Indie Pop and Rock have continued to be brilliant (The Thermals...) and yet, unsung.
Whenever I hear "Grammy Awards" I immediately think of Christopher Cross.

Just thought I'd share.
Eminem in real life is not as cool as his claymation version.
Isn't Mumford & Sons considered mainstream now????
wtf is up with eminem's face?
@26: spoiler alert: hang in there until the last performance/award.
Am I the only one who's never heard of Lady Antebellum...?
The first time I heard that lyric I had to pull over the car I was driving I was laughing so hard

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