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For the record, while Nathaniel Bedford Forrest was behind one of the more dubious massacres in Civil War history (Fort Pillow...look it up) and he was allegedly the first Grand Wizard of the KKK, he later went on to renounce the organization and it's message. He was quite progressive later in his life. I'm sure the Republicans can hang their hat on that. As long as Ft. Pillow isn't mentioned, that is.
As an AA, I disagree with the NAACP: I say, let them show their damn sheets if they want to. If Barbour wants to be the Klan Kandidate, let him and his state show their true colors. As a matter of fact, let them secede from the union if they so choose. Cut them off from all federal aid since they hate the union and everything it stands for. If I lived in Missisippi, I'd move the hell out.
Move to a black neighborhood then, you white-guilt libtard sheltered Seattle whitey, in one of the whitest cities in the USA, hypocrite.

NBF was one of the first people in the USA to argue that blacks should be allowed to be lawyers. Bet you were ignorant of that fact.
I thought you were kidding about the hip hop and then I hit play. Absolutely hilarious (and the hip hop was a lot more professional than the filming).
I love you, Paul.
Mike Huckabee pardoned Maurice Clemons who I'm sure many of you know went on to kill 4 Lakewood police officers. Huckabee did so because Clemmons claimed he found Jaysus.
It's interesting to me that if the KKK wants commemorative license plates, the NAACP wants to intervene and stop that. If Focus on the Family, AFA, CPAC wants to spread lies about gays and lesbians, then they get their "first amendment rights" protected by law. It seems hatred against blacks is VERY BAD while hatred against gays and lesbians is simply someone's opinion. W T F !?!?!?!!??!
Huckabee is a piece of shit. As Spicy @6 states, he has a big Willie Horton problem. But somehow Republicans get a free pass most of the time.

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